London-Based Collaboration Firms Pioneering Innovation in the UK Startup Scene

January 26, 2024

London is a bustling hub for startups, fostering creativity, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a collaborative culture. Even newer companies that began in 2020 or later are making significant strides, redefining industries and providing unique solutions in the market. These young startups have gained traction in their respective sectors, particularly in the realm of Collaboration. Despite navigating a challenging business environment due to the pandemic, these startups have demonstrated their resilience and potential.

This article will spotlight London startups that sprung up in 2020 or later, showcasing their inventions, success stories, and services offered in the Collaboration industry. These distinctive establishments are architects of revolutionary solutions striving to alter the path of several industries and represent a new wave of UK-based startups.

Although in their early stages, these startups have already shown promise, becoming trailblazers in their respective fields. Let’s take a closer look at each of them, exploring their businesses in detail.


Founded by Blaise Thomson and Naaman Tammuz, Bitfount is a distinguished player in the information technology sector. Their innovative distributed data science platform enables data scientists and custodians to securely collaborate on big data analysis and AI/ML projects. You can get further updates about the company on Linkedin or through their Twitter handle



OpenTeam, established by Andreas Vollmer and Sean O’Keefe, has developed an innovative virtual office platform enabling teams to communicate and collaborate remotely. Its platform helps teams reduce meeting times and promote more fluid conversations. Keep up with the OpenTeam on LinkedIn and on Twitter.

The Portfolio Collective

The Portfolio Collective is developing a platform for portfolio professionals. Founded by Ben Legg, Fiona Chorlton-Voong, Jesus Iniesta, and Mike Bank, the startup provides a unique blend of LinkedIn, Upwork, and On Deck. More information is available on Connect on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


EndorseFlow, founded by Luca Underwood, presents creative teams with a simplified content proofing workflow. As a SaaS startup, the company values user experience and security. More about EndorseFlow can be found on their website.

Founded by Fabio di Leta and Kaustav Mitra, is a next-generation collaboration platform for distributed analytics teams. Although officially based in the United States, they operate from London. They can be reached via their webpage, and on social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


At the forefront of remote working technology is Kosy, founded by Sam Meurs and Yanis Mellata. Their virtual office platform enables remote teams to function as a collective, promoting productivity and team unity. Visit for more information or connect on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Cassyni, founded by Ben Kaube, is an online platform created to run and publish academic seminars. It aims to heighten the reach and impact of academic discourse. More details can be found on their website and LinkedIn page.

Arkchat Ltd

Arkchat Ltd, founded by Chetan K Singh, designs and optimises business messaging platforms. Their innovative approach includes features such as auto-translation and integrated tasks and approval requests. Find more information on the website or connect on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Hiremoter, founded by Viviana Viale, assists job seekers in fields outside of coding and development to attain remote work. You can learn more about hiremoter on their website and LinkedIn page.


Founded by James Elmore and Kosta Kolev, Calliper is pioneering in the fields of analytics, business intelligence, and collaboration. Although they do not have social media pages, you can visit their website to know more.

Neu Ocean Technologies

Neu Ocean Technologies, created by Amir Negm, Anna Nikulina, Bahaa Abou Ghoush, and Tony Karam, provides a comprehensive business management solution. The company is striving to improve productivity and quality in businesses through its suite of over 130 modules including CRM, HRM, Inventory, Sales, customer service, etc. Find them on their website, at Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

In conclusion, despite being relatively new, these startups are rapidly expanding their reach and making significant impacts in their respective industries. They continue to innovate and adapt to new challenges, reaffirming London’s status as a vibrant hub for startups.

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