Manchester’s Consulting Connoisseurs: Spotlight on 15 Pioneering Firms

October 18, 2023

Manchester, often heralded as the powerhouse of Northern England, boasts a thriving community of startups, entrepreneurs, and businesses. In this vibrant ecosystem, a plethora of consulting companies have emerged as the guiding stars for businesses on their journey to success. From financial planning to digital development, Manchester’s consulting landscape is as diverse as it is profound. We’ve put together a list of 15 standout consulting firms in Manchester you need to know about.

1. Biramis

Biramis stands out in the consulting world with its comprehensive services ranging from management consulting to strategy development. Their forte includes brand marketing and modeling.

2. Five Wealth

For those seeking a myriad of financial solutions, Five Wealth is the go-to. They offer services from investment planning to estate tax planning.

3. Think And Do

Empowering teams with Atlassian training and services, Think And Do is a trusted partner for teams eager to upskill.

4. Beyond Corporate Ltd

Entrepreneurs seeking legal advice need look no further. Beyond Corporate Ltd offers robust legal services tailored to their unique needs.


BIM-UK brilliantly blends BIM expertise with traditional project management, serving the built environment sector with unparalleled proficiency.

6. DevoConnect

Specializing in political communications and public affairs, DevoConnect is the touchstone for strategic political outreach.

7. Carlton Nash

A financial powerhouse, Carlton Nash excels in services from tax audits to market research and development.

8. Next Level Consultancy Limited

From sales support to marketing consultancy, Next Level Consultancy Limited pushes businesses to elevate their potential.

9. Hyphen Business Solutions Limited

A beacon for SMEs, Hyphen connects them with essential tools for growth and sustainability.

10. Counting King

A leader in R&D Tax Credit Incentive, Counting King ensures businesses leverage their rightful tax benefits.

11. Reflexica

A maestro in cloud solutions and network engineering, Reflexica is a must for businesses aiming to be tech-forward.

12. elcap

“Grow your business faster” is not just a tagline for elcap; it’s a promise they deliver on.

13. F. J. Brown & Co.

Offering architectural design and property condition services, F. J. Brown & Co. is a trusted ally for property ventures.

14. The GO! Network

Facilitating meaningful connections, The GO! Network ensures brands and agencies form fruitful partnerships.

15. Elegant Digital

Elegant Digital shines in the realm of digital development, making them a top choice for businesses venturing into the digital realm.

From the vast financial landscape to the intricate world of digital solutions, Manchester’s consulting realm is dynamic, diverse, and indispensable. As businesses grow, pivot, or adapt, these 15 firms are here to guide, support, and drive them towards their vision of success.

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