Manchester’s Marketing Mavericks: Spotlight on 15 Innovative Advertising Companies

November 29, 2023

Lipstick: The Social Media Savvy

Website: Lipstick
Description: Specializing in social media marketing, Lipstick delivers vibrant, engaging content and strategies tailored for social platforms.

Webmestry: Crafting Digital Narratives

Website: Webmestry
Description: A fusion of web design and digital marketing, Webmestry creates compelling online presences for businesses.

Eagle Agency: Soaring Digital Heights

Website: Eagle Agency
Description: Eagle Agency excels in digital marketing, offering innovative solutions that elevate brands in the digital space.

Black Bear Digital: Design Meets Strategy

Website: Black Bear Digital
Description: Black Bear Digital blends marketing strategies with creative design, focusing on comprehensive digital presence.

Tello Digital: The Digital Storytellers

Website: Tello Digital
Description: Tello Digital focuses on crafting digital marketing campaigns that resonate and engage.

Altavox: Pioneering Voice-first Solutions

Website: Altavox
Description: Altavox is a voice-first design studio, leading the way in voice technology and consultancy.

Brand Love Solutions: Digital Marketing Consultancy

Website: Brand Love Solutions
Description: A consultancy specializing in digital marketing, Brand Love Solutions helps brands foster strong connections with their audience.

Artisan Digital: Crafting Digital Excellence

Website: Artisan Digital
Description: As a digital marketing and advertising company, Artisan Digital focuses on artisanal, customized marketing solutions.

Seedless Marketing: Growth Without Friction

Website: Seedless Marketing
Description: Seedless Marketing combines digital marketing expertise with graphic design prowess for seamless brand promotion. Influencing the Influencers

Description: An influencer marketing platform that connects brands with powerful voices in the digital world.

OVC – Outdoor Visual Communications: Billboard Brilliance

Website: OVC
Description: Specializing in billboard advertising, OVC makes a bold statement in Manchester’s outdoor advertising landscape.

Time Media Group: Multifaceted Marketing Mastery

Website: Time Media Group
Description: Offering a suite of services including digital signage and content creation, Time Media Group is a versatile advertising powerhouse.

Bednar Communications: Digital PR Pioneers

Website: Bednar Communications
Description: A digital PR agency with a knack for storytelling and brand promotion in the digital realm.

Creme Creative: Content Crafting Connoisseurs

Website: Creme Creative
Description: Creme Creative excels in producing creative content that captivates and engages audiences.

Heavygate Marketing: Digital Marketing Strategists

Website: Heavygate Marketing
Description: Heavygate Marketing provides comprehensive digital marketing services, ensuring effective online visibility for brands.

Each of these companies represents a unique facet of Manchester’s vibrant advertising industry. From traditional billboard advertising to cutting-edge digital marketing, these firms are shaping the future of advertising in one of the UK’s most dynamic cities.

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