Manchester’s MedTech Marvels: The Healthcare Startups Redefining Patient Care

Discover the innovative healthcare startups from Manchester that are integrating cutting-edge technology into the medical landscape.


Experiential Skills for Clinicians

  • Re:course Website
    Equipping clinicians with hands-on experience, Re:course offers an experiential skills development platform that bridges the gap between theory and practice.

QV Bioelectronics

Pioneering Quality Lives for Brain Tumour Patients

  • QV Bioelectronics Website
    Through advanced electronic solutions, QV Bioelectronics aims to enhance the quality of life for those battling brain tumours.


Automating Quality & Safety with AI

  • Mindtrace Website
    Mindtrace introduces leading-edge artificial intelligence to automate quality, safety, and production systems across the healthcare sector.


Making Hospital Visits Fun for Youngsters

  • Xploro Website
    Xploro combines AR, gamification, and AI to alleviate the apprehension young patients might feel about hospital visits.


Revolutionizing Neurological Diagnostics

  • AINOSTICS Website
    AINOSTICS is at the forefront of AI-driven MRI diagnostics, offering precise solutions for managing neurological conditions.

Dr Fertility

Your Health, Their Priority

  • Dr Fertility Website
    Dr Fertility stands as a beacon in the healthcare sector, ensuring optimal fertility solutions.

Deep Med IO

Transformative MedTech Solutions

  • Deep Med IO Website
    DeepMed IO brings cutting-edge MedTech solutions, shaping the future of patient care in the UK.

Keia Ltd

Holistic Wellbeing for All

  • Keia Ltd Website
    From beauty regimens to therapeutic solutions, Keia Ltd offers a comprehensive range of wellbeing services.

BioFab Ltd

Redefining Medical Diagnostics

  • BioFab Ltd Website
    BioFab Ltd is at the cutting edge of medical device development, offering novel diagnostic solutions.


Intelligent Triage for Clinical Efficiency

  • MedCircuit Website
    With its AI-driven triage software, MedCircuit supports healthcare professionals in delivering prompt and accurate care.


A Digital Friend for Those with Alopecia

  • Ally Website
    Ally offers a unique platform where those with alopecia can connect, share, and find solace in a supportive community.

Share Anonymously, Heal Openly

  • Website provides a safe space for individuals to share their stories anonymously, fostering a community of understanding and support.


Revolutionizing Social Care

  • Malinko Website
    Malinko’s innovative approach is transforming social care organizations, ensuring seamless and efficient service delivery.


Streamlining Nutritionist Practice Management

  • NutriAdmin Website
    NutriAdmin offers an all-in-one EHR and management software, tailored for nutritionists and dietitians.

Wisterias Care Management Software

The Future of Digital Care

  • Wisterias CMS Website
    Wisterias CMS paves the way for digital transformation in care settings, optimizing both efficiency and patient experience.

Manchester’s healthcare startups continue to redefine and elevate the medical industry standards, bringing forth unparalleled innovations. Watch this space as these companies shape the future of healthcare, one technological breakthrough at a time.

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