Manchester’s Mobile App Marvels: Top 15 Startups to Watch in 2023

October 10, 2023


The Future of Hospitality Awaits

  • Website
  • Description: Introducing Hospitality 3.0. is setting a new standard in the realm of guest experience.

2. Digiryte

The Innovation Beacon of the UK

  • Website
  • Description: Standing tall as the UK’s Leading Innovation Partner for Startups, Scaleups, and Enterprises. Every digital dream finds its realization here.

3. Balance App

Empowering Women’s Wellness Journey

  • Website
  • Description: A dedicated mobile application catering to health and wellness needs of women. Balance App understands and supports.

4. Further Network

Reimagining the Travel Experience

  • Website
  • Description: Dive into an Autonomous Smart Travel Ecosystem. Travel-Tech is evolving, and Further Network is leading the charge.

5. Orka Pay

Pay, Your Way

  • Website
  • Description: Elevating financial freedom, Orka Pay offers workers a novel platform that ensures flexibility and control over their pay.

6. ACE Union

The Ultimate Financial Companion

  • Website
  • Description: A seamless mobile wallet experience, complete with online banking, international payment options, and a suite of financial services.

7. Your Fitness Journey Ltd.

Your Digital Fitness Partner

  • Website
  • Description: An app that aligns with your fitness aspirations. Chart out your health journey like never before.

8. Thames Infotech

Designing Digital Dreams

  • Website
  • Description: Award-winning craftsmanship in web design and a proven track record in SEO make Thames Infotech a choice par excellence.


Digital Health Monitoring, Evolved

  • Website
  • Description: Harnessing the power of AI analytics, NEPeSMO’s CE-marked solution is changing the game in patient prediction and monitoring.

10. Vironic

Video Advertising, Re-envisioned

  • Website
  • Description: Step into the future of programmatic video advertising with Vironic.


Hassle-Free Device Buy-backs

  • Website
  • Description: An on-demand service ensuring the most efficient buy-back process for Apple device aficionados.

12. Hype Burst

Craft Your Fitness App Persona

  • Website
  • Description: An ingenious platform allowing users to design, manage, and personalize their mobile fitness journey.

13. CyberPal

Digital Creations, Personalized

  • Website
  • Description: Web and mobile app development finds a dedicated companion in CyberPal. Each creation is a testament to their expertise.

14. WalletAds

Engagement Meets Innovation

  • Website
  • Description: A comprehensive mobile engagement platform integrating social media, mobile wallet, payment systems, and web tech for an unmatched user experience.

15. Blazt Ltd

Local Trends at Your Fingertips

  • Website
  • Description: Experience social networking redefined. With Blazt, discover and share the hottest trends in your vicinity.

Manchester’s thriving mobile app industry is a testament to the city’s unwavering commitment to innovation and growth. These 15 startups showcase the vast potential and diversity of solutions originating from this dynamic hub. Keep an eye out – the future looks app-solutely exciting!

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