New Company Merges Out Of Covid To Give Employees Incentives For Wellbeing Programmes

Imagine being encouraged to create time in your day to attend a webinar to better understand how to manage stress and anxiety, enjoy a spot of yoga, partake in a running club, knead bread in your lunch hour or tango at 10 before your next meeting! These are just some of the incredible wellness incentives that many forward-thinking employers are investing in to support the unique wellbeing needs and interests of their employees. For many of these companies, getting their staff to participate in exciting wellness programmes pre-Covid was a challenge, with many employees just too busy to take them up; ironic as it was these exact over-stretched, stressed-out employees that these schemes were designed for.

However, newly launched company Lyfe plans to shake up the workplace wellness space and incentivise employees by gamifying wellness when people engage with their company’s wellbeing programme.

By using an embedded well-being platform, people can link their debit /credit cards to the Lyfe platform which offers rewards for spending within hospitality & retail as well as earn points by attending workplace wellbeing sessions that then can be exchanged for hundreds of products including 1-2-1 live wellness sessions, free lunches, experiences, gift cards, or vouchers to spend in their favourite stores and restaurants. 

Their mission is to help people live happier, healthier and more rewarding Lyfes. 

Returning to work after Covid will be very challenging and stressful for many employees, with many workplaces adopting hybrid working options, so companies are keen to invest in making the transition from work back into the workplace as smooth as possible.  The programme will help employees to track their personal state of wellbeing, viewing content, participating in exciting novel programmes and giving feedback via the platform. By introducing a points system, participants are able to build daily habits and increase engagement in the wellbeing platform, meaning higher attendance of sessions and better results.

James Courtney, CEO of Lyfe, told us more: “The team at Lyfe have spoken to countless HR Directors & Wellbeing Leads who have poured their hearts and souls into building a wellbeing programme for their teams but were barely able to fill a session as employees didn’t feel they had the space to attend sessions. I loved how the OpenMind platform made it easy to set up and manage an enterprise-level wellbeing programme from start-to-finish, and one that considered overall workplace culture. From talking with their clients we quickly realised that adding gamification could make all the difference – the merger made complete sense.”

Launched this week, the Lyfe Platform is available across the UK and has already got a proven record, with a soft launch which delivered sessions to over 25,000 attendees. The company hopes to change the wellness space and have over 100,000 individuals using Lyfe by the end of the year, all achieving a happier and healthier state of wellbeing. You can find out more about the 160+ different sessions available on Lyfe across the UK here. 

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