Powering the Future: Exploring England’s Innovative Renewable Energy Startups

June 13, 2023


Renewable energy is at the forefront of the global movement towards a sustainable future. In England, United Kingdom, a growing number of startups are leading the charge by developing innovative solutions to harness renewable resources and reduce carbon emissions. In this article, we will showcase 15 remarkable renewable energy companies based in England that are transforming the energy landscape and shaping a cleaner, greener future.

Hooracán Energy

Website: Hooracán Energy

Hooracán Energy is unlocking the wind energy potential and enabling economic opportunity for communities across emerging and frontier markets. Their innovative solutions harness the power of wind to generate clean and sustainable energy while driving economic development.

Finance Earth

Website: Finance Earth

Finance Earth is a fund manager and environmental impact investment adviser. They specialize in renewable energy projects, providing funding and expertise to drive the transition towards clean energy sources and combat climate change.

Asper Investment Management

Website: Asper Investment Management

Asper Investment Management focuses on private investments in sustainable real assets, including renewable power, heat, and other clean infrastructure. Their expertise lies in identifying and investing in projects that contribute to the growth of renewable energy and sustainability.

Maple Power

Website: Maple Power

Maple Power invests in and manages offshore wind farms. With their focus on clean and renewable energy generation, they play a crucial role in expanding the offshore wind sector and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Open Climate Fix

Website: Open Climate Fix

Open Climate Fix is using computers to fix climate change. Their team of experts leverages machine learning and data analysis to develop innovative solutions for renewable energy optimization and climate change mitigation.

VH Global Sustainable Energy Opportunities PLC

Website: VH Global Sustainable Energy Opportunities PLC

VH Global Sustainable Energy Opportunities PLC is a closed-ended investment firm offering investors direct exposure to a diversified portfolio of energy infrastructure investments. Their focus on sustainable energy sources contributes to the growth and development of the renewable energy sector.

Lightsource Labs

Website: Lightsource Labs

Lightsource Labs provides energy management solutions for commercial and industrial buildings. Their innovative technologies and services help businesses optimize their energy consumption and transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.

US Solar Fund

Website: US Solar Fund

US Solar Fund is a renewable energy fund that aims to provide investors with exposure to solar energy assets. By investing in solar projects, they contribute to the expansion of renewable energy capacity and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


Website: Zarou

Zarou develops, owns, builds, and operates power and renewable energy projects. With a focus on sustainable energy solutions, they play a vital role in the development and implementation of clean energy infrastructure.

Zamare Minerals

Website: Zamare Minerals

Zamare Minerals discovers, acquires, and explores mineral resources needed in renewable energy industries, such as copper and cobalt. Their sustainable mineral extraction practices contribute to the supply chain of renewable energy technologies.


Website: Solamove

Solamove is a company that provides smart transportation solutions while protecting the environment. They offer e-bike solutions for commuting, promoting sustainable transportation options and reducing carbon emissions.


Website: Innoergy

Innoergy is a designer of battery energy storage systems. Their innovative storage solutions enable the efficient and reliable integration of renewable energy sources into the grid, enhancing the stability and sustainability of the energy sector.

Lumo App

Website: Lumo App

Lumo App is more than a price comparison site. They combine expert knowledge with actual usage data to find the right energy plan for individuals, optimizing their energy consumption and encouraging the use of renewable energy sources.

85 Degrees Renewable

Website: 85 Degrees Renewable

85 Degrees Renewable is a business formed to identify and develop high-quality geothermal projects. Geothermal energy is a clean and sustainable resource that can provide efficient heating and electricity generation.

Box Energi

Website: Box Energi

Box Energi is an energy solutions company that offers the development of sustainable energy and related infrastructure projects. Their focus on renewable energy technologies contributes to the growth and adoption of clean energy sources.


England’s renewable energy startups are driving the transition towards a sustainable and clean energy future. Through their innovative solutions, these companies are harnessing the power of wind, solar, geothermal, and other renewable resources to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. With their technological advancements, financial investments, and commitment to sustainability, these startups are playing a vital role in shaping a greener and more sustainable world. As they continue to innovate and expand, England solidifies its position as a hub for renewable energy startups, leading the way towards a cleaner and brighter future for all.

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