Prominent York-Based Analytics Startups Revolutionising the UK Industry

January 19, 2024

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This article is part of a series showcasing startups in the analytics industry based in York and founded in 2020 or later. In particular, we’ll be looking at some innovative concepts that are designed to tackle a broad range of business challenges with the aid of cutting-edge analytics solutions. From HR analytics to predictive machine learning, these startups are trailblazers in their respective fields.

Our team has researched extensively to discover these noteworthy startups and their ground-breaking products. We’ll be providing a detailed overview of each startup, its team, and its offerings. Furthermore, we will highlight how these startups are transforming the analytics landscape with their unique solutions.

All of these startups, mentioned in this article, strive to utilize analytics and data-driven insights to various extents for optimizing decision-making processes. Let’s delve into these innovative startups one by one, exploring what sets them apart.


Knoetic, led by founder Joseph Quan, is an online platform that serves as a converged networking platform and SaaS analytics tool. Unique in its approach, it is designed specifically for Chief People Officers (CPOs), providing them with both quantitative and qualitative insights to aid in decision making. Known for being an “Insight Engine,” Knoetic counts among its customers some world-class technology companies, such as Lyft, Squarespace, and Amplitude.
Knoetic LinkedIn

Black Crow AI

Black Crow AI, launched by founders Damon Tassone and Richard Harris, develops a business analytics platform offering machine learning predictions. It provides real-time business insights to companies of any size, with costs that are less than hiring a single data scientist.
Black Crow AI LinkedIn is an analytical project management platform co-founded by Chris Ibarra and Nicholas Freund. It serves as a single, unified platform for managing intricate, analytical projects. LinkedIn


ShotQuality aims to calculate the quality of each shot in a game rather than simply tallying hit or miss. Over 90 different variables are involved in their calculations and they have subscribers from over 60 NCAA D-1 teams, including Auburn, Arizona, and Stanford University.
ShotQuality LinkedIn

Finvar Capnote

Founded by Ikenna Ene, Kenneth Huynh, and Pedro Martins, Capnote provides investors and financial professionals with tools to effectively aggregate, interpret, and analyze financial data. By harnessing big data, Capnote aids quick financial decisions for its users.
Finvar Capnote LinkedIn

Theme Analytics

Theme Analytics, founded by Peter Wild, is a trading firm committed to delivering positive risk-adjusted returns by applying technology in intuitive ways.
Theme Analytics LinkedIn


Launched by Alex Damianou, Andrew Chung, and Patrick Russo, OpenAtlas works across the fields of social impact, data visualization, journalism, and software with the intention of having a broad impact on society.
OpenAxis LinkedIn


Rasgo, co-founded by Jared Parker and Patrick Dougherty, combats metric inconsistencies and allows data consumers to create and monitor standardized business metrics. A major player in the analytics industry, Rasgo has raised over $25 million in Series A financing.
Rasgo LinkedIn


AlphaBBL, running under the leadership of founders Robert Powell and Tian Xu, combines proprietary data mining algorithms with deep industry-specific knowledge to provide an edge in onshore storage measurements.
AlphaBBL LinkedIn


Co-founded by Beth Calhoun-Leipold and Julian De Ocampo, Groundwork AI helps geoprofessionals implement advanced data analytics and machine learning in their work. This can lead to smarter, safer, and more efficient infrastructure monitoring, design, and construction.

Led by founder Helen Lin, is a startup offering analytics solutions under the broader software industry umbrella.

Please note that there was not enough information available for every startup, such as URLs for Facebook, Twitter, or startup descriptions. I have supplied as much information as is available

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