Promising UK-Based Delivery Service Startups Flourishing in England’s Market

January 29, 2024

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly accelerated the growth of the delivery services sector in the United Kingdom. A significant batch of this rise in the industry can be accounted to the unfading spirit of startup companies, who have risen to the occasion, providing essential services whilst navigating the complexities of operating in a recently formed socially distanced society. Their innovative strategies have not only enabled to provide services amidst a global crisis but have also paved the way for future growth and evolution in the industry. Today we’ll be focusing on nine such startups, all founded in 2020 or since, that provide delivery services in England.

Each of the startups summarised below provides unique solutions to everyday problems, from green delivery methods to digitising hard-to-find ethnic products. They’re an exciting part of the UK’s vibrant and ever-evolving startup landscape. So if you’re looking for new companies to support or if you just want to stay up-to-date on the latest business trends, read on.

These startups are reshaping the delivery service landscape in England, infusing creativity and innovation, and no doubt inspiring entrepreneurs of the future. Here they are:

Delivering London

Operated from the heart of England, Delivering London is focused on building an open, hyper-local out-of-home parcel delivery network for the UK, offering an alternative to traditional delivery services and potentially mitigating the impact of growing eCommerce by enhancing customer choice. More details about the company and its services can be found on their official Linkedin.


Founded by Mathias Krieger and Murvah Iqbal in 2020, HIVED enhances the parcel delivery system by integrating it with innovative technologies. Headquartered in London, they are redefining the logistics and supply chain landscape. Stay informed via their Linkedin page and Twitter handle.


AlwaysIn takes a stand against inflexible delivery options by providing a 1hr eco-friendly delivery slot regardless of what options the retailer offers at their online checkout. Delivering your parcels on time with wiIth zero-emission cargo bikes. Check out more about them on their LinkedIn and Instagram.


Oja is an online supermarket specialising in cultural, ethnic, and specialist groceries, delivering directly to your door. They are transforming how people access ethnic products by digitising hard-to-find items. Stay connected through their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Creating a wave in the food delivery segment, Bun-dles offers handmade bao and dumplings right at your doorstep. Founded by Jennifer Howson in 2021, they are delivering taste and convenience straight to you. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn. is your new go-to app for any shopping errands from any local store within the UK. Founded by Ludre Stevens in 2021, it offers a broad range of services from food to essentials. Engage with them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Easy As Tap

In a niche of its own, Easy As Tap is a delivery platform predominantly focusing on Asian cuisine and recipes. It was founded by Yizhou Yuan who aimed at bringing Asian delicacies right to your doorstep. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Antò Hurry Up! Ltd

Offering premium delivery and logistics services, Antò Hurry Up! was founded by Cristiano Arpino and Emanuel Cristadoro. They provide boutiques, stores, restaurants, and e-commerce a sleek delivery method to transport brands stylishly. Find out more about them on their LinkedIn.

Each of these startups has been brave in their outlook and innovative in their operations as they succeed in providing standout delivery services in England amid the global crisis. Their journey is a testament to their potential and showcases a promising future for the delivery sector in the United Kingdom.

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