Revolutionising Cloud Management: Innovational English Startups Transforming the UK Tech Landscape

January 28, 2024

In recent years, the United Kingdom has continued to be one of the major breeding grounds for technology startups. Amid the pandemic, businesses are relying heavily on digital solutions to keep their operations afloat. A slew of new companies have emerged or continued to thrive within this climate, contributing to advancements within the cloud management industry. Here, we look at a select set of these promising startups in England, all of which were established in 2020 or later, each bringing unique value propostions to the table.

While the advantages of cloud are widely acknowledged, managing the same often requires specialized tools and resources. This has resulted in the increased demand for cloud management solutions, leading to the proliferation of numerous startups in this space over the past two years. Sharing the common goal of easing the transition or maximising the benefits of the cloud-driven environment, these startups have devised distinct solutions conforming to different sectors and needs.

This article will introduce these innovative startups whose offerings span across various niches of cloud management – from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to food safety compliance to real estate, and more. Let’s delve into the promising, inventive work these startups are doing within the cloud management industry in the UK.

Property Developer CRM

Located in London, Property Developer CRM is a company whose offerings serve three industries: Cloud Management, CRM, Internet, and Software. Distinguishing itself from other startups, Property Developer CRM focuses on providing a cloud-based digital solution for marketing, sales, and development tools that targets the property development market. The engine behind pdCRM’s homebuilder-focused CRM and marketing capabilities is a modern API-driven platform for all front office staff sales, marketing, support, and implementation.

Food Portal

Food Portal is another London-based startup and specializes in delivering food safety software for compliance. They aim to make the food system safer by equipping food manufacturers with sophisticated and integrated food safety systems. Their precise target market and well-defined product goals have allowed them to carve out a niche for themselves in the Cloud Management, Compliance, Food and Beverage, Software industries.

Rounded Triangle

Rounded Triangle is a creative addition to the tech scene, dabbling in Cloud Management, Commercial Real Estate, Real Estate, and Residential industry. This London-based startup, founded by Mirko D’Arpino, is dedicated to using cloud-based solutions to innovate in the world of property management.

Startup Tech Consultancy

Startup Tech Consultancy in London offers services in the Cloud Management, Consulting, Developer Tools, Information Technology, and Web Development sectors. Aiming to provide comprehensive technical solutions for businesses, they offer a range of services, from cloud management to web development.


Founded by Alex Stott and Peter Richards, CloudMarshal is a London-based startup that operates in Cloud Management, Information Technology, and Software industry. They are known for their efficient cloud management solutions, easing the increasingly complex task of managing and optimizing cloud resources.


Adding to the vibrant cloud management scene in London is Blakyaks, specializing in Cloud Computing, Cloud Management, Information Services, and Information Technology. Their solution is touted to be secure, flexible, responsive, making them an interesting addition to the tech startups landscape.


Translool Ltd, founded by Mohamed Selmi in London, offers its services in the Blockchain, Cloud Data Services, Cloud Management, Information Technology, and Software sectors. Notably, they provide a cloud-based translation and localization platform that connects businesses, translators, and translation agencies in a single “Connected Translation” delivery loop.


London-based startup, Multy, is finding space for itself within the Cloud Computing, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Management industry. They offer an open-source tool that allows developers to write cloud-agnostic config to easily deploy and manage multi-cloud infrastructures. Their web application also enables users to develop an infrastructure stack that can be replicated across the major cloud providers.


The last promising startup on our list is StackZone, founded by Fernando Honig. StackZone provides a secure, cost-efficient, and self-service cloud management platform for multi-account environments. Their solution is designed and operates in a fully automated manner, making the adoption of cloud technologies simpler, optimized, and more efficient.

In conclusion, it’s inspiring to see so many innovative startups within the thriving environment of the UK under the relatively short span of two years, addressing needs from different sectors. The increasing infusion of cloud-based solutions within diverse industries has given rise to many such promising startups, and their innovative solutions underscore the pivotal role technology plays in the modern business landscape.

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