Revolutionising Healthcare: Surrey-based Startups Transforming UK’s Health Industry

January 28, 2024

In recent years, the UK has seen an exciting surge in business startup culture, particularly in the Health Care industry, and Surrey has emerged as a hotspot for innovation in this sector. Despite the challenges of 2020, many young and dynamic companies have been founded in this region, dedicating their efforts towards introducing ground-breaking solutions and services in Health Care and associated sectors. This article will take a closer look at some of these promising startups.

Surrey, known for its high-tech industry and skilled workforce, has paved the way for companies to thrive, offering unique ideas and fresh vision that have the potential to revolutionize Health Care. Whether it’s through innovative methods of diagnosis, personal health management, health data research, or providing virtual medical services, these startups are committed to transforming the lives of individuals and communities in the UK and beyond.

We invite you to discover these entrepreneurs, their aspirations, the challenges they face, and the solutions they offer in this ever-evolving digital era. Here are some Health Care startups, all established in 2020 or later, that are based in Surrey and are carving their niche in the industry.

Hey Grip

Based in Esher, Hey Grip offers anyone with ovaries insight into their hormonal health and (future) fertility, through a simple at-home blood test. The company was founded in 2020 with the aim of helping women take control of their fertility and plan better. You can connect with Hey Grip on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Luas Diagnostics

Founded by Brendan Farrell, Luas Diagnostics is based in Guildford, Surrey. The company is developing accurate and affordable diagnostic tests using a unique platform technology, with a primary focus on Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Covid-19 testing.


Located in Dunsfold, Surrey, her9 was founded by Henry Porpora, Maximilian Haller, and Rajinder Sharma. The company aims to revolutionize the DTC (Direct-To-Consumer) brand that caters to the holistic needs of women during their pregnancy. Her.9 plans to utilise DUOCAP technology and expand through award-winning partnerships.


Weybridge-based company, FITFILE, is transforming the scale and value of health data research. Founded in 2020 by Philip Russmeyer, this health data company is making significant strides in the Health Care, Information Technology, Software, and Therapeutics sectors. You can connect with the company on LinkedIn.


MyoMaster, from Molesey, Surrey, is an innovative sports tech company aiming to provide athletes with knowledge and tools required for efficient recovery. They aim to prevent injury, boost performance, and unleash the potential of athletes by harnessing the power of recovery. Connect with them online via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


UBACARE is a virtual medical center that offers simple medication management tools, including automated email notifications, refills, and payments. In addition to providing consulting and prescription services, they also offer shipping services. Connect with them online through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Elysian Health

Based in Surrey, British Columbia, Elysian Health offers pharmacy, labs, family practice medicine, and more. They focus on preventing, treating, and promoting optimal health through natural healing methods and modalities, treating patients individually to uncover the root cause of their illness. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Creative Well

The Creative Well serves the health and wellbeing of individuals in the music industry with services like nutritional therapy, functional medicine, talking therapies, pilates, reflexology, and more. Connect with The Creative Well on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Surrey Heartlands Clinical Commissioning Group

Based in Weybridge, Surrey, The Surrey Heartlands Clinical Commissioning Group works in the Health Care, Medical, and Wellness sectors. The group can be found on Twitter and their website.


Also from Weybridge, Surrey, Haleon operates within Consumer, Health Care, and Medical industries. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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