Revolutionising London’s Cycling Scene: Spotlight on UK-Based Startups

January 30, 2024

Welcome to our review of startups revolutionizing various industries in London in 2020 or later. Among our highlighted companies today, you’ll find brilliant businesses thriving amid the cycling industry, and those making significant impacts in other sectors. presenting a collection of startups where ingenuity and innovation meet practical solutions. Let’s take a look at these progressive organizations making their mark in London.

Every listed company brings unique solutions to their respective industries. Their fresh ideas feed into a diverse range of sectors, with the unifying thread of headquartered in London. We believe that these startups represent not only the spirit of entrepreneurship but also the future of their respective industries.

The evolving world of business is adopting new-age solutions, and startups like these are paving the way for revolutionary ideas and sustainable practices. The following companies have been selected based on their originality, their commitment to sustainable development, their innovative ideas, and the significant contributions to their respective industries.

Altilium Metals

Altilium Metals is a startup based in London, specialising in Battery, Recycling, and Supply Chain Management. They operate within the cycling industry, providing sustainable alternatives to traditional methods. They significantly contribute to reducing the environmental impact of these sectors. Follow them on Twitter @AltiliumM and Facebook here, or look them up on LinkedIn.


Founded by Anton Firth in 2020, DyeRecycle develops innovative dyeing fibres technology using recycled dye from textile waste. This London-based startup takes a sustainable approach in the Fashion, Recycling, and Textiles industry. Stay in the loop with their updates by following them on Twitter @dyerecycle or on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Steve Ellis and Tim Carrigan, Blike is reshaping the Cycling, Electric Vehicle, and Manufacturing industries. This London-based startup aims to bring a revolution in the transportation sector. You can follow them on Twitter @BlikeHappy, Facebook here, or on LinkedIn for more updates.


Scindo, a cutting-edge cleantech start-up founded by Benjamin G. Davis, Gustaf Hemberg, and Juliet Sword, is creating sustainable alternatives in the Biotechnology, CleanTech, GreenTech, and Recycling industries. Located in London, they’re using innovative technology to upcycle plastic waste and agricultural feedstocks. Follow them on Twitter @Scindo_Bio or on LinkedIn.


Founded by Miguel Rogers, Greyparrot is leading the way in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Recycling, and Waste Management. Their mission is to digitise waste and create a sustainable environment for future generations to live in. Their vision of a fully digitized, automated, and transparent waste system can unlock the financial value of waste, which in turn can help in keeping our earth clean.


Co-founded by Paolo Casula, Shopperbird is the answer to slow fashion with their on-demand applications. This innovative London-based startup is carving out an ecological niche within the Fashion, Mobile Apps, Recycling, and Waste Management industries. Stay connected by following them on Twitter @Shopperbird1, Facebook here, or on LinkedIn.


Bamboozo specialises in sourcing and offering a range of bamboo and eco-friendly products. Their contributions to Environmental Consulting, Recycling, Sharing Economy, and Sustainability play a significant role in promoting a greener planet. Their product range includes bamboo clothing, bedding, baby clothes, toothbrushes, bathroom items and much more.

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