Revolutionizing Healthcare: Oxford’s Innovative Startups Leading the Way

A Comprehensive Showcase of 15 Cutting-Edge Health Care Companies in Oxford, Oxfordshire

Grey Wolf Therapeutics

Website: Grey Wolf Therapeutics
Description: Transforming cancer treatment, Grey Wolf Therapeutics focuses on developing small molecules to enhance tumor detection by the immune system.

Oxford VR

Website: Oxford VR
Description: Pioneering the field of mental health, Oxford VR develops immersive virtual reality therapy solutions, leading the UK in this innovative approach.

Osler Diagnostics

Website: Osler Diagnostics
Description: Revolutionizing diagnostic accessibility, Osler Diagnostics offers lab-quality diagnostics that are available anytime, anywhere.


Website: Ultromics
Description: Bridging technology and healthcare, Ultromics combines the expertise of clinicians and engineers to develop world-class cardiovascular diagnostic tools.

Evox Therapeutics

Website: Evox Therapeutics
Description: At the forefront of biotechnology, Evox Therapeutics harnesses and engineers extracellular vesicles for therapeutic use.

iLoF – Intelligent Lab on Fiber

Website: iLoF – Intelligent Lab on Fiber
Description: iLoF is ushering in a new era of personalized, precision medicine with its groundbreaking Intelligent Lab on Fiber technology.


Website: Optellum
Description: Specializing in lung cancer detection, Optellum develops imaging biomarkers for smarter and earlier diagnosis.


Website: OxCan
Description: OxCan combines machine learning and liquid biopsy techniques for early lung cancer detection, utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Sitryx Therapeutics

Website: Sitryx Therapeutics
Description: Sitryx Therapeutics is innovating in the field of biopharmaceuticals, focusing on therapeutics for immuno-oncology and immuno-inflammation.

Mable (Neurolytic Healthcare)

Website: Mable
Description: Mable is pioneering genomics-based individualized care for people with neurological conditions.


Website: Zegami
Description: Zegami specializes in imaging AI, combining unique tools and machine learning services to deliver explainable AI solutions.

Added Health

Website: Added Health
Description: Added Health offers a unique platform for lifestyle and health coaching, integrating modern technology with personal care.

Caristo Diagnostics

Website: Caristo Diagnostics
Description: Utilizing standard CT scans, Caristo Diagnostics identifies heart-stopping plaques, advancing cardiac health diagnostics.


Website: GENinCode
Description: Specializing in genetic testing, GENinCode focuses on the risk assessment and prediction of cardiovascular disease.

Albus Health

Website: Albus Health
Description: Albus Health is a med-tech innovator, developing passive and contactless devices for monitoring nocturnal symptoms and environmental metrics at home.

These 15 companies represent the innovative spirit of Oxford’s health care sector, each bringing unique solutions to pressing health challenges and paving the way for a healthier future.

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