Revolutionizing Power: UK-based Startups Innovating in the Battery Sector

January 28, 2024

The United Kingdom is fast becoming a hub for innovative startups, particularly within the Battery industry. Success stories from industry pioneers have inspired a new generation of entrepreneurs, and they are now following suit. These innovators are employing fresh concepts to bring remarkable progress in renewable energy, power storage, advanced materials, and other aspects of the green economy. The timing has never been better, with the urgent push towards carbon reduction globally. As part of our series, we will spotlight startups that have an inception of 2020 or later, focused on the Battery industry and are based in the UK. These exciting companies are driving the next wave of clean energy solutions.

On the cutting edge of renewable energy technology, these startups are not only pioneering advancements within their individual sectors but are also contributing to the fight against climate change. They are striving to revolutionise the industry, provide innovative solutions, and bring sustainable energy alternatives to households and businesses around the UK. The companies included in this article offer a range of services, from battery manufacturing and recycling to energy management and clean energy solutions.

The pandemic has only strengthened the resolve of these startups. They have persevered, making the most out of a challenging situation by innovating and adapting quickly. Let’s delve into these trailblazers, their inspiration, solutions, and outstanding contributions to the UK and the global greener energy cause:


Based in Cambridge, Nyobolt is a rising star in battery technology, co-founded by industry experts Clare Grey, Kent Griffith, and Sai Shivareddy. Their cutting-edge battery technology offers quick charging speeds and considerable energy storage, a solution perfect for high-power applications like automobiles. With the increasing demand for electric vehicles, it is startups like Nyobolt that are easing the transition by providing a reliable energy solution. Connect with them at their Linkedin page.

Altilium Metals

Operating out of London, Altilium Metals has made a name for itself in the battery and recycling industry. The startup is carving a niche in supply chain management and recycling. Visit their LinkedIn and Facebook pages to learn more about their operations.

Integrals Power

Behnam Hormozi and his team at Integrals Power are pushing the boundaries of battery technology. Based in Willen, Milton Keynes, this next-generation battery nano-materials firm is dedicated to accelerating the development of advanced batteries. Their comprehensive market research has fast-tracked the production of cost-effective, scalable, high-performance battery cathode materials. Check out their story on their Linkedin page.

Founded by Simon Lee – Overy, is positioned comfortably in the Lithium power and energy solutions space, providing renewable energy solutions and moving away from fossil fuel dependence. They have a unique business model that includes a “virtual factory” concept, integrating current technologies with real-time design possibilities for the latest mega-trends in the industry. For more information about this sustainable startup, visit their Linkedin page.

Craig Michael Renewables

Based in Telford, Craig Michael Renewables is committed to providing high-quality solar panel installations and battery storage systems. Aside from these services, they also conduct system maintenance and repairs for existing solar panel systems. Visit their website for more details.


Gigamine, based in London, England, is dedicated to the recycling of lithium-ion batteries and the recovery of essential raw materials. This operation has positioned the company to contribute positively to eco-sustainability. Kindly follow them at their Linkedin page.


yaiLab, co-founded by Darius Roman and Yannis Antonopoulos, based in Edinburgh, has revolutionised the battery industry. It provides a complete solution for predictive maintenance of batteries, making them more profitable, safer, and reliable. Visit their website for more details.


GEMPaCS, co-founded by Corrado Accardi and Enrico Carlin, aims to provide complete solutions for marine electric mobility. With a strong team backed with years of professional experience, they are integrating motors onto new or retrofitted 3D-printed hulls, charging facilities, and IoT services. Discover more about their vision on their LinkedIn page.

Circularity Energy

With Gopi Manivannan at the helm, Circularity Energy is based in Waterlooville, Hampshire. They are striving for an energy-efficient future by developing an energy system that allows power to be cycled and recycled across different qualities. Check out the innovative work they’re doing through their LinkedIn, Facebook and website.

Our series will continue to highlight more of the movers and shakers within the UK startup scene. The journey of each startup is as unique as the founders who drive them, but they all share the common goal of promoting positive change in their industries. Stay tuned for more in-depth insights into the most innovative companies operating in the UK today.

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