Revolutionizing Wellness: Dietary Supplements Startups Thriving in York, UK

January 29, 2024

The city of York is historically known for its rich heritage, historical landmarks, and renowned university. However, this beautiful city is also an emerging hub for innovative startup companies, particularly those within the dietary supplements industry. These startups, founded in 2020 and later, are pushing boundaries and demonstrating impressive innovation in products designed to improve health and wellness. This article will be highlighting a selection of remarkable startups from York, detailing the unique services they offer and introductions to their founders.

For those who have a keen interest in the intertwining worlds of health, wellness and technology, the companies featured in this article will provide a fascinating glimpse into the future of the dietary supplements industry. The startups mentioned in this article showcase the diverse range of solutions being developed, from sleep aid supplements to canine wellness products. All the companies have been founded on the principles of promoting better health and wellness, and are at the forefront of their respective fields.

With a focus on delivering unique solutions and services, the following startups from York are setting new standards and definitions for what it means to be a part of the dietary supplement industry. Each company has one thing in common, a commitment to creating effective supplements that enhance the quality of life for their users. With their creative solutions and innovative approaches, they prove that diets and health can be personal, enjoyable, and accessible to all.


Founded by David Berzin, Kamiu Lee, and Nancy Ramamurthi, Proper is a startup strongly rooted in data and science that strives to revolutionize the perception and approach to sleep health. As an advocate for long-term sleep health, the company offers tailored natural sleep formulations as well as access to expert sleep coaching. Their goal is to inspire sustainable behavioral adjustments for better sleep health and wellbeing. Consider visiting their social media profiles available on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin to stay updated on their latest advances.

Wolf Spring

The brainchild of Etienne Legangneux and Xavier Delestrade, Wolf Spring pioneers the intersection between the dietary supplements and pet wellness industries. They are dedicated to enhancing canine wellness, setting them apart from other startups in a truly exceptional way. To follow their latest developments, make sure to check their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


Offering their innovative solutions in the realms of biotechnology, dietary supplements, nutrition, and wellness industries, Noots has been enthusiastically led by Phat Le. Follow their latest updates on their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages.


The startup Multiverse adds an interesting twist to dietary supplements industry by combining it with e-commerce and snack food. Stay tuned with their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for future announcements.


Umama revolutionizes the way people hire private chefs for meal preparation at home. As a software app, it enables users to select their favourite foods, allergies, and dietary restrictions and match with premier chefs for personalized meal packages. To follow their latest updates, check their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.


Co-founded by Sarah Rahal, MD, ARMRA is changing the way people view superfood health products by harnessing bio-actives from bovine colostrum. Their Facebook page keeps their customers updated on their new products.


Invented by Jonah Reider, Pzaz is not your usual dietary supplement company. They uniquely offer a patent-pending mist produced from recycled plastic litter. Based in New York, they are putting a new spin on health and wellbeing.


A brainchild of Lawrence F., nucurate is a nutrition subscription box company that curates premium full-sized snacks and drinks rich in macronutrients to promote healthier living. Stay tuned to their latest developments through their social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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