Savoring Innovation: England’s Trailblazing Wine and Spirits Startups

November 21, 2023

1. Coast Drinks: The Refreshing Wave of Clean Mixers

Website: Coast Drinks
Overview: Revolutionizing traditional mixers, Coast Drinks offers a clean-tasting, healthier alternative that doubles as a delightful non-alcoholic option.

2. Gerry’s: Crafting Health-Conscious Libations

Website: Gerry’s
Overview: Gerry’s embraces vegan, gluten-free principles without compromising on taste, steering clear of artificial flavors in their drink lineup.

3. Vinverum Limited: The Fine Wine Facilitators

Website: Vinverum Limited
Overview: Simplifying the process of buying and selling fine wines, Vinverum Limited emerges as a go-to platform for wine enthusiasts.

4. ARENI Institute: Pioneers of Fine Wine Research

Website: ARENI Institute
Overview: As a global research and action institute, ARENI focuses on the future and sustainability of fine wine.

5. Pull The Cork Limited: Eco-Conscious Wine Advocates

Website: Pull The Cork
Overview: Pull The Cork Limited champions eco-friendly wine selections, driven by a young and passionate team.

6. Buveur LTD: The Art of Bottled Cocktails

Website: Buveur LTD
Overview: Specializing in ready-to-serve bottled cocktails, Buveur LTD offers convenience without sacrificing quality.

7. Pure Wines: Nature’s Best in a Bottle

Website: Pure Wines
Overview: As importers, distributors, and retailers, Pure Wines brings the finest natural wines to the UK market.

8. Imperial Beer Club: A Haven for Craft Beer Enthusiasts

Website: Imperial Beer Club
Overview: Specializing in high ABV craft beers, Imperial Beer Club curates a unique selection for aficionados.

9. Caju Drinks Ltd.: Exotic Refreshment Redefined

Website: Caju Drinks Ltd.
Overview: Offering a unique twist, Caju Drinks Ltd. brings the exotic taste of 100% pure cashew fruit water from Brazil to the UK.

10. Crafti Beer: The Craft Beer Curator

Website: Crafti Beer
Overview: Crafti Beer is dedicated to sourcing the finest craft beers from independent breweries in the UK and beyond.

11. Little-Known Box: Beauty Meets Beverages

Website: Little-Known Box
Overview: Straddling the worlds of beauty and beverages, Little-Known Box offers a unique UK beauty subscription service with an alcoholic twist.

12. Vertigo Beers: Hand-Crafted Beer Diversity

Website: Vertigo Beers
Overview: Vertigo Beers stands out with its wide array of hand-crafted beers, employing diverse ingredients and techniques.

13. Myatt’s Fields Cocktails: Boutique Bottled Cocktails

Website: Myatt’s Fields Cocktails
Overview: Offering London-aged boutique bottled cocktails, Myatt’s Fields Cocktails brings sophistication to your glass.

14. Ohsomm: The Digital Wine Revolution

Website: Ohsomm
Overview: As a digitally-born brand, Ohsomm disrupts the traditional wine scene with its innovative approach and lifestyle-centric branding.

15. Sloshed: Wine Delivery at Your Fingertips

Website: Sloshed
Overview: Specializing in on-demand wine delivery, Sloshed connects connoisseurs with London’s finest independent wine stores.

These 15 companies, each with their unique approach and innovative products, are not just redefining the wine and spirits landscape in England but are setting new standards globally. From health-conscious options to digital revolutions, this vibrant sector is brimming with creativity and passion, promising an exciting future for aficionados and casual drinkers alike.

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