Showcasing Emerging UK-Based Startups Transforming the Career Planning Industry

January 29, 2024

Over the past year, there has been a rise in cutting-edge startups in the UK that focus primarily on career planning and talent acquisition. Emerging from the unprecedented times are startups that are not only challenging the status quo but are also providing strategic solutions on the path of career development & personal branding, predominantly for the next generation workforce.
In this article, we highlight eight startups that have shown a promising start despite the economic downturn, bringing innovation and a fresh perspective to career planning and recruitment in the UK.

Loop Not Luck

Co-founded by Sydney Samuels, Loop Not Luck is at the forefront of career planning, recruiting and staffing in London, UK. By using a distinct approach to career planning, Loop Not Luck redefines staffing solutions by enabling career growth beyond societal boundaries of achievement. With budding digital presence across multiple platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, or LinkedIn they are keen on fostering connections that make a difference.

Greater Manchester Primary Care Careers

In an industry such as healthcare that offers an array of career options, Greater Manchester Primary Care Careers stands as a platform that provides comprehensive and current information for those interested in primary care roles. Providing guidance into the sector through avenues such as apprenticeships, college courses, degrees and professional development, this startup operates with a goal to inform and inspire individuals in pursuing a primary care career. Follow this innovative platform on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Founded by Esther O’Callaghan Obe, Piers Collins, and Scott Byrne-Fraser, is the first skills platform that verifies qualifications on the blockchain. The startup operates with a vision to enhance traditional learning platforms while working in close partnership with educators and future employers. can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Among the many challenges that professionals face, finding the right job opportunities is a major one. To tackle this, FutureMatch, founded by Kufa Matiya, has launched a talent hiring platform that uses data science to attract, engage, assess, select and hire deserving talents. With a global market potential, FutureMatch is working towards promoting diversity in recruitment with the help of their innovative tools and services. Follow FutureMatch’s journey on LinkedIn.


KnowGenPloy, a startup based in London, focuses on career planning, digital media, and recruitment. They are working to transform the way career progression and planning are viewed, using technology as an enabler. KnowGenPloy advertises opportunities to foster professional growth and enhance visibility on various job platforms. Find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Oliver Cordingley has established OurGen with a vision to revolutionise the EdTech and PaaS industry. The Manchester-based startup in the career planning space strives to enable younger generations to define their learning paths and lay the foundation for their careers. Keep up with OurGen’s progress on LinkedIn.


Founded by Amit Choudhary, Ingmar Klein, and Parham Rakhshanfar, London-based startup Huzzle is reinventing career planning by providing a platform that supports students throughout their academic journey. Acting as the Gen Z’s answer to Linkedin, Huzzle guides students from the moment of uncertainty to the moment of landing their dream job. Stay updated with Huzzle via LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Grace Wu and Theo Pape, DRONEWORK serves as a matchmaking platform for drone missions. As drones become indispensable across various sectors, this London-based startup connects drone operators with missions commissioned by international clients. By integrating employment opportunities with cutting-edge technology, DRONEWORK truly stands out in the career planning industry. Follow DRONEWORK on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Through their innovative platforms, these startups are not just opening up new opportunities but also contributing to the modernization of career planning and recruitment. With their presence, the future of career development in the UK looks bright and promising.

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