Spotlight on Emerging London-Based Biopharma Startups in the UK Scene

January 28, 2024

Throughout 2020 and 2021, London has proven to be a pivotal hub for biopharma startup companies. These startups are at the forefront of pharmaceutical technology, embarking on innovative research, and novel discoveries. As part of this article, we focus on some of the most ambitious biopharma startups operating in London and established in 2020 or later. These companies bring fresh ideas to the industry and are pushing boundaries in their respective fields.

A notable development in the biopharma landscape is the increase of ground-breaking research in fields like oncology, respiratory diseases, and autoimmune diseases. Another engrossing trend is the foray into cannabis research for medical applications. On this backdrop of rapid growth and innovation, we introduce to you some of the emerging biopharma startups that have rapidly made a mark in the biopharma industry in London.

These companies, with their cutting-edge approaches, are all set to revolutionise the biopharma industry and healthcare, developing new-age medicines, and therapies that promise improved patient outcomes. Ranging from the development of cancer drugs, to manufacturing medicine derived from cannabis, to a freelancing platform for life science professionals, these companies are as diverse as they are innovative.

Duke Street Bio

Duke Street Bio, founded in 2020, develops medical drugs that are dedicated to providing improved treatment options for cancer patients. At the heart of the city, Duke Street Bio is leveraging scientific advancements to significantly improve patient outcomes. [source]

Inspira Pharmaceuticals

Inspira Pharmaceuticals, another player in the industry, conducts research and development on treating respiratory diseases, aiming to create technology for therapy and medicine for prevention. Based in London, the company was founded in 2020. [source]

Roquefort Therapeutics

Focusing on clinical trials is Roquefort Therapeutics. This innovative biotechnology company develops products through the pre-clinical phase. Established in 2020, Roquefort Therapeutics is based in London. [source]


RecyGen also finds its place among these promising companies, working on biopharma and life science developments. [source]


VITALIS REMEDIUM UK stands out as a multinational manufacturer of medicine derived from cannabis. Its central mission is about offering physicians a way to prescribe cannabis effectively. The firm focuses on developing medicine for common diseases and making it accessible to all. [source]


Lifelancer employs a unique blend of biopharma, employment, and technology to create a Freelance & Remote Job Platform in Life Science, IT, Digital Health, with a focus on Health Sciences, Biopharma, Biomedical & Biotech domains. [source]

Adendra Therapeutics

Adendra Therapeutics is an emerging biotechnology company developing new small molecule and biologic medicines for the treatment of a wide range of cancers and autoimmune diseases. [source]

invoX Pharma

A player in biopharmaceuticals, invoX Pharma, is advancing a pipeline of innovative products addressing unmet healthcare needs. [source]

Wider Team

Wider Team, established in 2021, assists clients in addressing seven IoT major issues with four practices. This firm is a notable entrant in the biopharma consulting arena. [source]

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