Spotlight on Kent’s Emerging Digital Marketing Startups in the UK

January 30, 2024

Discovering the UK’s bustling digital marketing startups scene, particularly within Kent, can be quite exciting. These are companies that are making strides in the industry in different ways. Whether it’s through innovative search engine optimization techniques, creative social media campaigns, or cutting-edge web development projects, they are all contributing to the growth of the digital marketing landscape. Despite their recent formation dates of 2020 onwards, these startups have already made significant impacts in their respective sectors. Let’s take a closer look at some of these promising startups.

First off, Forever As One, a digital marketing firm mastering in brand design, social growth, and website development, located in Louisville, Kentucky. Their suite of services also covers automation, content creation, media management, and digital advertising, making them a versatile player in the digital marketing sphere. More about them can be found on their LinkedIn.


Heading to California, Kentucky, the consulting, digital marketing, and IT services provider, Tarlio. Tarlio’s professional approach combined with a deep understanding of the tech industry has set them apart from the rest. Connect with them online through their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. consultant, author & educator

Moving to Rochester, Kent, the EU consultancy, consultant, author & educator stands out because of its specialisation in Conversational AI for Conversational Commerce. This marketing niche has seen significant growth over the years. Tania Peitzker, the founder, is an expert in CogX, CX, and voice tech. To know more, visit their LinkedIn page.

Duga Digital

Located in Sevenoaks, Kent, Duga Digital is another innovative player in the digital marketing scene. They bring unique insights with their specialty in data integration, visualization, and business intelligence. With a solid foundation in A/B testing and analytics, they provide invaluable consulting services to businesses. Also, check out their online presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Back to California, Kentucky; the internet and marketing specialists at OnBrand are all about boosting sales through authentic content. The startup was founded in 2022 and is strategically located in tech-hub Silicon Valley.

Digitech Monster

Then there is Digitech Monster, a Glasgow, Kentucky-based enterprise. They offer a broad range of services from brand development and business solutions to web development and digital marketing. Their niche lies in SEO services that increase organic search exposure and traffic. Visit their LinkedIn, Facebook profiles to learn more.

Bowling Green Marketing Agency

Lastly, the Bowling Green, Kentucky-based Bowling Green Marketing Agency is another exciting player in the advertising, digital marketing, and SEO segment. Visit their online platforms such as their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.
These startup companies have shown grit and resilience in carving out their niche in the competitive digital marketing industry. Looking at their swift growth and diversified services, it’s no wonder why they’ve made this list. All the best to these UK-based tech companies as they continue to disrupt the digital marketing scene.

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