Spotlight on London-Based Drone Startups Revolutionising UK’s Tech Industry

January 30, 2024


The drone industry is seeing exciting growth with innovative new startups emerging all around the globe. From air transportation to waste management to AI-driven robotic drones, the applications of this technology seem limitless. In this article, we highlight a selection of startups launched in 2020 or later, based in London, UK, and leading the way in the drone industry.

The drone landscape in the UK is diverse and surprisingly varied in the range of services provided. This selection of startups underlines not only the unique applications of drones but also the exceptional ingestion of technology and sustainability principles in their work.

These startups represent the UK’s drone industry’s breadth and diversity and give a snapshot of the industry’s potential growth in the coming years. They also exemplify the innovation and talent prevalent in London’s startup scene.


Based in the heart of London, Windracers is a pioneer in the drone-based air transportation industry. Utilising drones for cost-effective point-to-point air transportation solutions, Windracers is delivering efficient cargo transportation services. Check them out on LinkedIn.

Ellipsis Earth

With tech and environmental focus, Ellipsis Earth is dedicated to detecting, categorising, and tracking plastic waste across various environments using drones. Founder Ellie Macky and her team are working with various stakeholders to achieve robust and comparable data on plastic waste. Follow their innovative work on Facebook and LinkedIn.

AJ-Drone Ltd

Defined by a keen and creative eye, Ashley Widowson founded AJ-Drone Ltd to make a splash in the drone-based film and photography industry. Be sure to keep an eye on their Facebook page for more of their impressive work.

GreyTechno Industries

GreyTechno Industries, led by founder Motheo Kgengwenyane, is all about green technology. They operationalize drones alongside 3D printing and AgTech in an effort to stimulate a technological revolution in the industry. Keep up with their work and ethos on LinkedIn.


Working towards making commercial-grade spatial intelligence accessible, Slamcore is a high-flyer in AI-driven drone development. Founded by spatial intelligence expert Trevor Nicholson, Slamcore uses advanced SLAM software to enable drones to understand their surroundings.


Venda aims to disrupt the quick commerce sector with their developed drones and specialized vending systems. Providing grocery goods in under 5 minutes, they target areas with high population concentration. Get to know them better on Facebook and LinkedIn.


GRONEWORK, co-founded by Grace Wu and Theo Pape, is a mission matching platform that connects drone operators with missions commissioned by clients globally. You can follow their mission on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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