Spotlight on London-Based FinTech Innovators Transforming the UK Startup Scene

January 19, 2024

From cryptocurrencies to sustainability-focused finance platforms, London continues its tradition of being a hotbed for innovation and creativity with fresh FinTech startups making waves in the industry. Today we highlight just a handful of these dynamic, forward-thinking firms that came into existence in 2020 (or later), proving that even amid the pressure of global events, progressive solutions continue to emerge.

The focus of these startups is diverse and indicative of a rapidly evolving financial landscape. From money transfers to green finance solutions, these are the London-based FinTech startups making a mark on the industry.

We’re excited to share their stories, their products, and their services. Each of these companies are on a mission to make finance more accessible, more efficient, more secure and more impactful. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Elwood Technologies

Founded by Alan Howard, Elwood Technologies is a global fintech company providing institutional-grade access to digital asset markets and liquidity venues. They aim to offer streamlined, efficient markets for financial institutions, neobanks, and corporations to access the digital asset market. For more information, check their Linkedin page.

Atlantic Money

Atlantic Money, co-founded by Neeraj Baid and Patrick Kavanagh, aims to disrupt the international money transfer industry by offering transactions with a flat, fixed fee. Founded in 2020, Atlantic Money offers a cost-effective solution for money transfers in foreign currencies. Connect with them on Linkedin and Facebook.


Funded through interchange fees, TreeCard is a green finance platform that enables consumers to spend, save, and invest responsibly. Co-foundered by Gary Wu, James Cox, James Dugan, and Jamie Cox, the sustainable finance start-up offers a wooden payment card that funds reforestation. Follow their journey on Linkedin and Facebook.


A brainchild of Ethan Fraenkel and Marco Logiudice, Prograd is revolutionising the lending and borrowing experience for young people. They enhance the underwriting accuracy of lenders and the borrowing experience of consumers with their clever credit marketplace. Connect with them on Linkedin.


Founded by Gurhan Kiziloz, Lanistar is one of the new players in the sector with consumer-centric alternative finance offerings. Learn more about them on Linkedin.

Bloom Group SA

Headed by James Hickson, Bloom Financial offers founder-friendly capital and growth acceleration tools for digital brands. Get in touch with them on Linkedin and

Fintech Farm

Founded by Alexander Vityaz, Dima Dubilet, and Mykola Bezkrovnyy, Fintech Farm creates digital banks in emerging markets. Follow their progress on Linkedin.

Primary Portal

Primary Portal, co-founded by Ilan Leshem and John Bentinck, provides digitized solutions connecting banks and institutional investors for capital markets. Stay in touch with them on Linkedin.


Founded by Gareth Ward and Jonathan DeCarteret, Bumper protects crypto assets against negative price movement, offering a new kind of market to manage digital assets’ risk. Connect with them on Linkedin.


PawaPay is a payments company that provides mobile payment solutions to African consumers or businesses. They aim to make cross-border transactions more accessible and efficient for businesses. Follow them on Linkedin and Facebook.

DFX Finance

DFX Finance, founded by Adrian Li and Kevin Zhang, is a decentralized finance exchange protocol optimizing non-U.S. dollar stable coins. Learn more about them on Linkedin.

In conclusion, the UK’s FinTech scene continues to produce innovative solutions that are shaking up the world of finance. Even in a highly regulated space, these startups are proving that by leveraging technology, there are still so many untapped opportunities for growth, innovation and change.

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