Spotlight on London’s Rising Event Management Startups: UK’s New Innovators

January 28, 2024

We are excited to highlight some of the most innovative startups in the UK focused on the event management industry. Those spotlighted in this list were all established in 2020 or later, a tough period marked by the global pandemic. Despite the challenging times, these startups have managed to create innovative solutions for event management and are all contributing to the thriving startup landscape in London.

These startups are transforming how we manage and engage with events, utilizing new technologies and digital platforms to make event planning smoother and more interactive. From apps that connect consumers with event vendors instantly to platforms that bring unique urban areas and heritage spaces back to life, these startups are not just reinventing the wheel, but redefining the entire event management industry.

So without further ado, let’s dive in and see what each of these startups is all about!


Launched by Felix Atkin, Sharesy is a venue hire platform that emphasizes local community involvement when discovering and booking venues. Their ethos of making venue hire simple and straightforward resonates in everything they do. More about Sharesy can be found on the company’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by Charles Ofoegbu, Oshoma Zekeri, and Yoma James Kukor in October 2020, Vendoir is an on-demand mobile application. This platform is designed to connect consumers with event vendors, aiding in the planning of social events within minutes. More information is available on the company’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.


Incepted by Salih Bosca, EtkinlikAlani is an online platform that uses modern technology to expand a user’s horizon by joining any online events. More about EtkinlikAlani is available on the company’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.


Husfest, founded by Joseph Dada, is a social event platform that allows individuals to plan private or join public events including house parties, work events, and nights out.


This startup is a unique platform that aims to revive unique urban and heritage spaces. It collaborates directly with striking yet underutilised venues to increase their fill rates and build new, sustainable revenue streams. The team behind Unlocked is dedicated to redefining the potential of these spaces.


With an aim to maximize ROI for event sponsorship, Jam55 provides a Virtual Event Technology based format. Feel free to explore the details at LinkedIn.


Rego is a platform that provides services related to event management, staffing, and training. You can find more details of the work they do on their Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn pages.


Utilizing blockchain and other advanced technology, SeatlabNFT provides a solution to issues of event ticket scalping and inflated prices. It supports control of secondary marketplace using NFTs, enabling fans to buy tickets at a fair price. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more information. provides an application for preparing invitations as well as guest tracking (RSVP) in the form of personalized websites. It can be used for any type of event, from weddings and parties to corporate events and galas. More information can be found on Davetino’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

As the event industry continues to adapt and evolve, these startups stand as testament to the innovative spirit inherent in London’s startup scene. Despite the difficult times, they have managed to devise new platforms and services that redefine how we think about and engage with events. From managing guest lists to connecting vendors and consumers, these startups are shaping the future of event management.

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