Spotlight on York-Based Digital Entertainment Startups Transforming UK’s Industry Scene

January 22, 2024

Today’s digital entertainment industry is rapidly growing, with technology paving the way for unique innovation. Startups located in York, which have been established in 2020 or later, are playing a significant role in contributing to the development of this industry. These companies are not only creating new digital entertainment products but also providing platforms for the creative arts, music, learning, event management, and more.

From an edutainment company that offers live, interactive classes for children to a platform that offers an extensive and structured experience for dancers worldwide, these startups are pushing the boundaries of conventional entertainment. The following is an exploration into some of these creative startups making waves in the digital entertainment industry.

These startups utilise their innovative concepts to change the way information is disseminated and received, creating a world where entertainment is fascinating, accessible and engaging for all age groups. Let’s look at these companies in more detail.


Founded by Saehyun Paik, Paiksaehyun is a startup specializing in the fields of art and media, using 3D technology, graphic design, interior design, and performing arts to create appealing and engaging content. Their unique concept and creativity make them an important player in the digital entertainment industry. Find more about them on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Marine Snow



VoyceMe, founded by Dylan Telano, serves as a platform to discover high-quality English language Webcomics, novels, and mangas, offering the best opportunities to generate revenue and promote all creators. Find more about them on their LinkedIn page, as well as onFacebook and Twitter.

Kenya Sugar Mummies Dating

Kenya Sugar Mummies Dating is a unique information technology company that offers legitimate sugar mummies and dating services. Lucy Wairimu, the founder, leveraged the rising popularity of digital entertainment and social media to create a platform where individuals can find love conveniently. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

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