Spotlight on York-Based UK Startups Innovating Advertising Platforms Industry

January 4, 2024

The UK startup scene is a vibrant and innovative space, particularly in the realm of Advertising Platforms. York, one of the UK’s top tech hubs, has produced some impressive startups in this sector, particularly those founded in 2020 or later. These young companies are not only pushing boundaries with their innovative technology, but are also playing a crucial role in propelling the advertising industry into the digital age.

The modern advertiser needs more than traditional strategies to reach consumers. As the demand for sophisticated, targeted marketing grows, so do opportunities for innovative firms in this space. In this article, we’ll be showcasing a series of York-based startups that are transforming the Advertising Platforms industry with their groundbreaking ideas and technology.

From virtual recruiting platforms to AI-advertising tools, these startups represent a diverse range of solutions that are helping businesses better connect with their target audience. Each startup is creating waves in the industry, pushing boundaries, and setting themselves as leaders in the advertising world.

HIVE Diversity

HIVE Diversity is a virtual recruiting platform that fosters engagement between companies and graduate students. Founded in 2020 by Byron Slosar, HIVE’s headquarters are in New York. Beyond advertising, they have a strong foothold in the human resources and recruiting sectors. Find out more about HIVE Diversity on their LinkedIn page.


Amplifyer is a unique digital consultancy and rep firm offering marketing advisory services for startups. View their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile to learn more about their mission and dedication towards the development of marketing strategies for brands and advertising agencies.


The creation of Cole Johnson and Jonah Tuckman, eBumps represents a new era in mobile advertising. The startup is developing Bluetooth-connected LCD screens for vehicle advertising purposes, with targeting capabilities for location, time of day, and more. Learn more about eBumps on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Pranify, Inc.

Pranify, Inc., founded by Ian Orekondy, operates stealthily, keeping most of its operations under wraps. But what is known is the company’s focus on pharma RegTech and ad insights. For more information on Pranify, Inc., visit their LinkedIn profile.


Qortex AI, created by James Altschuler and Zack Rosenberg, is transforming video advertising using AI and programmatic tactics. Discover more about Qortex and their novel technology on their LinkedIn page.

AdGrid Media

Founded by Michael Bendell and Michael Tardif, AdGrid Media specialises in programmatic advertising. Get to know up-to-the-minute details about the company at their LinkedIn profile.


Supernatural is a creative startup providing advertising and consulting services. Check Supernatural on their LinkedIn profile.


Ari Paparo’s Marketecture is a unique vendor review platform that assists with sophisticated technological decisions in advertising and marketing. Connect with them on their LinkedIn page.


Operating in the spheres of advertising and affiliate marketing, Deelio is working on innovative solutions with social media marketing apps. For more about Deelio, visit their LinkedIn profile.


Founded by Phillip McKnight, Ghostfruit is a unique hosted mining company focusing on promoting Bitcoin adoption. Read more about Ghostfruit on their LinkedIn page., created by Alex Kennedy and Collin Rincon Scangarella, offers intelligence services for advertisers with a focus on digital advertising and marketing. Get more insights on their LinkedIn profile.

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