Spotlighting Innovative England-Based Credit Card Startups in the UK

January 30, 2024

The UK is brimming with innovators, and nowhere is that more evident than in the finance sector. This is particularly true in the credit card industry where startups are leveraging cutting-edge technology to disrupt traditional banking models. Here, we put the spotlight on some of the most promising credit card startups that were established in 2020 or later. These companies, all based in England, are making waves with their unique approaches to credit and finance.

These startups are utilising advancements in digital technology and consumer behaviour data to provide improved services for their customers. Not only are they offering innovative online and mobile banking solutions, but they are also using their platforms to help users better understand and manage their personal finance. In an increasingly digital world, these companies are reshaping how consumers interact with their money.

With their customer-centric outlook, these startups are redefining the financial landscape and rewriting the rules of banking. Let’s explore these innovative startups and what they have to offer.

Network B

Based in London, Network B operates within the Banking, Credit Cards, Information Technology, and Loyalty Programmes sectors. It was founded by Brad Blake and Shapna Majid. The company provides banking and card-linked solutions through an API platform and communicates with its customers via phone, email, and online applications. For more, follow their journey on LinkedIn.

Fintech Review

Also in London, Fintech Review, founded by Tristan Pelloux, provides key insights, reviews, interviews, and analysis over a range of sectors – from banking and credit, to blockchain, cryptocurrency and fintech. You can find their in-depth understanding of the industry on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


SproutPay, also located in London, offers a service for sending multiple currencies to African recipients. The company has created a platform that works in all modern browsers, monitors fraud, and offers simple bookkeeping. Stay updated with SproutPay’s developments on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Next up is NUMARQE, also based in London. This company has developed a multi-currency corporate credit card service targeting mid-market businesses to save time, reduce costs, and minimise risk. The company’s platform simplifies expense, payment, and card spending management, while also digitising and providing almost instantaneous insights into spending. Follow their progress on LinkedIn.


London-based Crossamount aims to make card payment solutions cost-effective, particularly for low-amount transactions, without additional fees per transaction. The company offers multicurrency processing through a ready-to-pay plugin for WooCommerce and API access. For more, visit their Facebook page.


We also have Tier_Money, another London-based startup in the credit card industry. Read more about what they have in store for the industry on their LinkedIn page.

Lobster Money

Lastly and by no means probably the least, we bring you Lobster Money. Founded by Bobby Abdullah, Lobster Money operates within various sectors including Banking, Content Creation, Credit Bureau, Credit Cards, and FinTech. Stay tuned with their activities on LinkedIn.

With such an impressive lineup of startups working on innovative solutions, these companies are sure to redefine the credit card industry and financial landscape in the UK. While they are all tackling the industry’s challenges in different ways, their focus on technology, customer experience, and accessibility is a common thread that is set to revolutionise the way we handle finance. We look forward to witnessing the continuous growth and success of these outstanding startups.

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