Spotlighting York-Based Home Renovation Startups Revolutionising UK Industry

January 30, 2024

York has frequently been the birthplace of innovative startups, pushing the boundaries across various sectors. One industry that has captured particular interest is the home renovation industry. The city’s charming historical architecture blended seamlessly with future-forward tech-driven companies makes it an ideal hub for ambitious startups ready to take on the home renovation world. In this article, we will highlight a selection of home renovation startups that were born during 2020 or later. These companies are bringing fresh ideas to the table, leading us to rethink what home renovation can look like in a modern, fast-paced world.

Even with the challenges brought on by global events, the drive and determination of entrepreneurs remain unswayed. The displayed startups are a testament to the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit running in the veins of York. They have turned adversities into opportunities, delivering innovative and practical solutions for the home renovation market. From asset management and property management to mobile apps and DIY platforms, the diversity of these startups truly represents the evolving needs of homeowners in the 21st century.

It is crucial to introduce these game-changing businesses to a wider audience. By drawing attention to their services and innovative approaches, we hope to facilitate connections between these startups and those who can benefit from their expertise. Let’s dive in and learn more about these exciting startups leading the way in home renovation.

Avenue One

Renowned for their mastery in asset management, property management, real estate, and home renovation, Avenue One is making waves by using proprietary data and analytics to find undervalued properties. At the core of their operations is a service platform with comprehensive access to the single-family rental industry. Their localised network is another asset, as it helps them to provide an unsurpassed tenant experience and impressive investment returns. You can connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Combining home renovation with auctions and mobile app technology. Hammer-It is leading the pack by providing a platform with filtered post types, one-click posting, document sharing, and notifications. Furthermore, their solution provides efficiency, with a centralized place for all questions and answers per post, facilitating collaboration and increased productivity. Stay connected via their LinkedIn page.


Focusing on DIY, home decor, home improvement, and home renovation, sproos! empowers renters and DIYers with colourful, customizable, and conscious hardware designs. Notably tailored for the 52+ million renters in the U.S., their all-in-one-box solutions come with tools and digital step-by-step instructions that make home improvement easy and empowering. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


leewayhome is making a name for itself in the home renovation scene by providing home improvement and home services. It evokes a more permanent sense of home and offers a simpler way to set the table. Check out this startup on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Aspiring to bridge the gap between architecture, design, and construction, Vergo operates as a community bank for businesses in these industries. Besides, it takes home renovation to the next level by incorporating interior design and home services. Find more about Vergo’s unique model on LinkedIn. is a smart, accurate pricing platform for residential remodelers. Through their innovative solution, they drive businesses to operate systematically and provide customers with an exceptional digital engagement process. Connecting with, visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Fix to Profit

With a specialty in construction and home renovation, Fix to Profit provides comprehensive services to aid clients through plan, manage, develop, and finance construction. Apart from new builds, they also cater to repairs and restorations. Get in touch on their LinkedIn page.

Diminished Reality

Pushing boundaries in computer vision, home decor, and home renovation, Diminished Reality creates realistic digital replicas of interior spaces. With a simple video, they can redesign any space and provide an estimated cost and timeline for renovations. You can also follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn for updates.

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