Surrey’s FinTech Frontiers: Revolutionizing Financial Services

November 29, 2023


In the heart of Surrey, United Kingdom, a revolution in financial technology is underway. This article spotlights 15 innovative companies that are redefining the landscape of financial services with cutting-edge technology and creative solutions.

1. MQube

Website: MQube
Description: Revolutionizing the mortgage industry, MQube leverages AI to provide fast, reliable, and controlled mortgage services.

2. The Credit Thing

Website: The Credit Thing
Description: This company merges the convenience of a neobank with the traditional credit card, pioneering a new era in credit solutions.

3. Fiinu

Website: Fiinu
Description: A British banking start-up, Fiinu is currently obtaining authorisation from the Bank of England, promising innovative banking solutions.

4. SBX Capital

Website: SBX Capital
Description: An investment holding company with a focus on technology, SBX Capital is industry and stage agnostic in its approach.

5. Signai OpenPensions & Signai OpenIncome

Website: Signai
Description: Dedicated to providing lifelong income security, Signai is a beacon in the pension and income industry.

6. Convex

Website: Convex
Description: At the forefront of decentralized technology, Convex is shaping the next generation of financial tech.

7. Lerex Technology

Website: Lerex Technology
Description: Specializing in e-money services, Lerex Technology offers innovative solutions for businesses facing banking challenges.

8. BeerMoney

Website: BeerMoney
Description: More than just a finance blog, BeerMoney provides insights and advice on various financial topics.

9. Pacemaker Global

Website: Pacemaker Global
Description: A company with a broad focus in financial services, Pacemaker Global is making strides in the industry.

10. Vida Homeloans

Website: Vida Homeloans
Description: Vida specializes in mortgage lending, committed to assisting a diverse range of customers on their home ownership journey.

11. Lumos Exchange

Website: Lumos Exchange
Description: Lumos Exchange addresses global challenges in trading SOL and SPL assets, providing a unique solution in the market.


Website: D RISK IT
Description: Catering to startups, investors, and business support organizations, D RISK IT focuses on investment profiling.

13. HP Financial Services

Website: HP Financial Services
Description: Specializing in a range of financial products, HP Financial Services offers expert advice in pensions, insurance, and investments.

14. Adsen Moore

Website: Adsen Moore
Description: A financial consultancy, Adsen Moore delivers services in wealth management, investments, pension strategies, and more.

15. Bondsmart

Website: Bondsmart
Description: Innovating in the bond market, Bondsmart simplifies fixed-income investments with its co-ownership bond platform.


Surrey’s financial services sector is bustling with innovation and technological advancements. These 15 companies exemplify the dynamic and forward-thinking nature of the region’s FinTech scene, each contributing uniquely to the financial landscape. As the industry evolves, these firms are not just part of the change — they are leading it.

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