The 6 Best Winter Destinations in Europe

What is your favourite season? If the answer to this question is winter, Europe offers countless options for winter getaways. When temperatures drop, and the first snows appear, all the cities are transformed into their most fabulous version. That’s why we have gathered the best winter destinations in Europe that you should not miss in one guide!

Copenhagen, Denmark

To the east of Denmark, far from the famous statue of the Little Mermaid, lies a beautiful city that stands out even more in winter: Copenhagen. A walk along with the colourful waterfront houses, the overcrowded shop windows with various decorations, the 19th century Tivoli amusement park that “does its best” at Christmas are some of the many reasons why you should visit Copenhagen!

Prague, Czech Republic

Is there not a person who has not dreamed of a walk-in Prague? The illuminated square with the Christmas shops at night can not but move you! The centre of the whole of the Czech Republic has a special charm and amazing sights, excellent examples of architecture, history and culture that make it unbeatable.

Budapest, Hungary

Compared to the previous cities mentioned, Budapest has a peculiarity: it is a capital that is divided into two parts, Buda and Pest and is addressed to every traveller. When snowfall is more frequent in winter, the city is dressed in white and looks like it has sprung from a fairy tale. History, culture and impressive architecture all come together in the capital of Hungary.

Salzburg, Austria

An alternative in Austria, instead of the capital Vienna, is Salzburg. You will love it if you are excited about the idea of walking among medieval castles and buildings, gothic temples and baroque palaces, which have remained unchanged over time. Salzburg will reveal its unreal and charming face if your luck smiles and the weather favours seeing snow in the city.

Tallinn, Estonia

With the arrival of the Christmas season, the whole city is filled with colourful lights, decorated from one end to the other and getting ready to welcome the most beautiful day of the year properly. The historic centre is filled with happy voices from children who want to go skating, while others choose to relax in a sauna or spa. If none of this excites you, you will find enough coffee to enjoy your coffee or hot chocolate while you will watch the wonderful picture of winter Tallinn.

Innsbruck, Austria

In the Austrian Alps, you will see something magical. The ski paradise is Innsbruck, something you realize from the first moment you set foot in this beautiful landscape of Austria. Skiing is loved more than anything else in this area, with facilities competing with all the great winter resorts in the rest of Europe. If you are looking for a unique experience for your winter vacation this year, do not hesitate to visit Austria and its beautiful resorts throughout. By choosing a total accommodation package from Erna Low, you will be able to book the ideal accommodation option at the best and most economical prices on the market. Now the winter holidays are not only for the privileged but for all the people who know where to turn for the best offers.

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