The Bright Minds of Business Intelligence: England’s Top 15 Innovators

December 4, 2023


Website: Redkite
Description: Offering a blend of business strategy, data analytics, visualization, and advisory services, Redkite stands out as a consulting firm dedicated to elevating business intelligence.


Website: Exometrics
Description: Exometrics is at the forefront of practical data science solutions, transforming data into actionable insights.

Description: Revolutionizing the way consumers save money, provides reliable discounts and intelligently discovers new opportunities.

Simply Get Results

Website: Simply Get Results
Description: Focusing on future-ready workforces, this software company is redefining business intelligence through innovative solutions.


Website: TokenAnalyst
Description: Specializing in blockchain, TokenAnalyst offers enterprise-grade data and tools for comprehensive blockchain understanding and access.


Website: Supersheets
Description: As a gateway to organizational data, Supersheets offers unique solutions for data management and analysis.


Website: GrowthEnabler
Description: Delivering critical data, insights, and intelligence on disruptive technologies, GrowthEnabler is a key player in digital innovation.


Website: Astrato
Description: Astrato shines as a business intelligence and analytics platform, optimized for the Snowflake data cloud.

Analytics Intelligence

Website: Analytics Intelligence
Description: Known as the “Palantir of Africa,” this company brings a new dimension to business intelligence in England.

Radius Tech

Website: Radius Tech
Description: Radius Tech’s Location Intelligence SaaS creates growth strategies for retailers, leveraging data for commercial success.


Website: Just3Things
Description: This unique SaaS platform enables businesses to align, focus, and swiftly adapt to changing priorities.

Wolfhound Analytics

Website: Wolfhound Analytics
Description: Offering innovative health monitoring and analytics for livestock, Wolfhound Analytics bridges technology and agriculture.


Website: BizNest
Description: As a digital incubator, BizNest focuses on nurturing IT businesses with intelligent strategies and tools.


Website: SalesDRIIVN
Description: Enhancing sales performance through automation, SalesDRIIVN redefines sales strategies with data-driven insights.


Website: Evenstar
Description: Specializing in strategic analysis, Evenstar provides insights on political and geo-economic risks, enhancing business intelligence.

These 15 companies showcase the vibrant and diverse landscape of business intelligence in England, each contributing unique approaches and solutions to the ever-evolving world of data and analytics.

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