The Importance Of Making Your Taxi Business All-Inclusive In 2023

January 21, 2023
Photo by Viktor Bystrov on Unsplash

No matter how ambitious a businessperson you might be, three key ingredients are needed to make your business successful: impeccable operating, financial management, and solid communications. However, in recent years an increased focus has been placed on diversity and inclusion so that all people who use your services/products can feel valued, appreciated, and respected.

While many modern companies like to think that they’re inclusive many fail to reach the mark and don’t fully recognise the benefits of inclusivity. Especially if you’re in a customer-facing business like private hire, you never know who will get in your cab next, which is why inclusivity is essential. We discuss the importance of inclusivity in the private hire industry in more depth below.

Promote Awareness Among Your Team

Another reason why making your taxi company all-inclusive is vital is that it promotes the awareness of multiple disabilities and their equipment among your team. Not all your staff members may have previous experience with people with disabilities, so it’s essential to build awareness and empathy so that they can treat those clients just like any others.

Providing a service for someone with a disability should be a positive experience for the person with the disability and the person providing the service. At times, it is impossible to forget the impact you’ve had on these people, even if it’s just for a short journey and the knowledge that you’ve made their day a little bit easier by treating them with the respect and empathy they deserve.

You Can Capitalise Off ‘Hidden’ Markets

As we discussed in our introduction, you never know who might hire your services next when you work in private hire. Your last client may have been a non-disabled person, yet your next could be severely handicapped or even someone with a hidden disability. Yet, this demographic’s spending power shouldn’t be underestimated, which is why catering to ‘hidden’ markets is essential.

Whether ordering a cab via an online app or getting in and out of the vehicle, you need to provide a service that is useable, adaptable, and gives everyone who uses it a pleasant experience. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a service that is useable and accessible to all by including wheelchair accessible taxis in your fleet, like the ones provided by Cab Direct. From wheelchair-accessible taxis to used ones, their site has everything your private hire business could need to make your service all-inclusive.

Increased Customer Loyalty

It only takes one positive experience for someone to recommend your services to another. Whether it comes from a non-disabled person or otherwise, when clients realise that the service you’re offering is all-inclusive, they will soon start to speak about it among your local community, which can drive many new customers.

Moreover, existing clients will keep returning if your brand consistently keeps delivering a good customer experience since they would have placed their trust, faith, and loyalty in your company time and time before (and will continue to do so!). Therefore, it is essential that you keep providing a good experience with clear communication and fewer barriers to meeting customers’ needs.

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