The Return of Normality: Why hospitality technology has been essential to bringing Britain’s smile back

April 16, 2021

Will Broome, CEO of Ubamarket LTD, discusses how lessons learnt in retail will deliver success in restaurants and pubs.

It is safe to say that Brits have wasted no time in frequenting with their favourite pubs this week, having spent a gruelling three months confined to their homes. New data from card company Revolut has shown that since the reopening of pubs and hospitality venues on Monday, Brits have spent have spent an accumulative £2000 a minute, with record levels of money expected to be spent over this weekend.

Whilst the euphoria of returning to our most beloved establishments has been a blessed relief, establishments have had to deal with the most demanding and challenging period ever. With such periods of turbulence affecting hospitality industry throughout the past 12 months, it has come to the attention of many publicans and restaurateurs that in order to meet client demand in a safe manner post-Covid, the implementation of technology will be an essential. Furthermore, despite the initial successes of this week, there are still tangible concerns of guests who are displaying a reticence to return back to hospitality venues.

In a first of its kind study analysing consumer sentiment towards the safeguards that venues can put in place to make guests feel safe, Ubamarket LTD has unveiled the overwhelming necessity for venues to integrate technology. The study has shown that 19 million Brits feel that irrespective of how the pandemic has been managed, they will never feel comfortable going back to hospitality venues unless permanent measures are put in place. On top of this, a further 25 million Brits, over half of the adult population, have stated that they would only head back to hospitality venues if the establishment in question has technology in place that minimises their contact with other guests and servers. 

Key Stats:

  • Irrespective of how well the pandemic is being managed, 39% of Brits (19,059,000) agree they will never feel comfortable going back to hospitality venues unless permanent measures are put in place
  • 57% of Brits (27,822,000) agree that their perception of what is it is to feel safe in hospitality venues has permanently shifted
  •  55% of Brits (25,108,000) agree that they only want to head back to hospitality venues if the establishment has technology in place that minimises their contact with other guests and servers

Ubamarket LTD – founded in 2016 – is a pioneer of ‘Scan Pay Go’ technology, offering the most innovative solutions to providing the fastest ‘in and out’ visit to supermarkets, that now enjoys partnerships with SPAR and Central England Co-Op. However, with the ensuing consequences of the pandemic, and the success witnessed in the retail arena, Ubamarket LTD has now acted swiftly to create NOMM (New Order, Magic Menu), which will seek to be the most sophisticated app available to the sector. 

Taking much of the software from Ubamarket, and evolving for the hospitality sector, NOMM is the first app of its kind to offer contactless payment, interactive menus, facial recognition, takeaways and deliveries. Furthermore, the benefits for the venues include an API cloud-based software that is linked to the POS system, meaning that any changes made to the menus in the restaurant are updated to the app in real time. All of these features have been built to ensure that fears of contact with others are minimised, maximising the health of both the servers and the guests. The benefits of the app also help to dispel the worries that guests may be required to bring cash to premises amidst confusion over indoor payments.

Will Broome, CEO of Ubamarket LTD, has commented on the necessity of implementing technology ahead of the reopening of hospitality:

“The return of hospitality has been hugely welcomed this week. Not only does it provide much welcome relief for the business owners that have seen their trading blighted by the pandemic, but it has brought a great alleviation for the mental health of millions of Brits. The prospect to return to our beloved venues is a tantalising thought, but we must ensure that venues use this time to act proactively, to ensure that guests feel safe upon their return.

While millions of us have rushed back to our favourite pubs, there will of course be a sense of trepidation for millions of others as we return back to normality. However, through NOMM, we are providing an app that will bring reassurances and comfort to guests and business owners alike. Once the industry is reopened, we will have produced the fastest, cheapest and most tech-enabled solution to many of the problems Covid has highlighted.”

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