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Three Tips To Remain Productive When Working From Home

The last couple of years have been a testing time for everyone in business as they have been forced to adapt to new working conditions. However, working from home is likely to become the norm over the coming years, with all companies seeing positives from the change.

It is expected to be a decision that is likely to be made by some of the best start-ups in Birmingham, just as it will for huge companies from around the globe. But, what three tips should we follow to ensure we stay productive when working from home?

Set A Routine

Finding a new routine is the hardest challenge that many working from home will need to adapt to. Millions of us have been stuck in the same routine when it comes to work for years now, but working from home means setting a new schedule.

You should still be professional despite working from your own home, which means setting a time that you will wake up, and taking into account what to wear and when you should take breaks. Sticking to this new routine will ensure a seamlessly passage to staying productive when working from home.

Find A Dedicated Workspace

For many of us, having to go into the office creates a very clear work-life balance. However, working from home can often test this, as we will need to create our own workspace where we can easily get on with our tasks for the day. Creating a workspace means taking a number of factors into consider, and the biggest of those is where to work from.

If you’re working from home, then you will want to avoid loud or busy places, which means avoiding positioning your office next to a room by the main road. We should also set up an office that doesn’t have distractions nearby, which includes a television or a radio. Furthermore, the office should be a room dedicated for only work, which means that once your day is done, you can close the door and clock off.

Have Breaks

Staying productive while working from home can often mean missing out on breaks as you try and stay on top of the tasks that you have for the day. However, taking breaks is proven to have a good impact on your productivity when it comes to working, which means that you should take a step away form a bit of time each day. While you’re away from work you can do a number of different things, which includes taking the dog for a walk, or just sitting outside and getting some fresh air.

It doesn’t have to be a long break every time either, as just ten minutes away from your screen every couple of hours will have a positive impact on the work that you’re doing. Setting aside time for breaks is an important part that should be taken into consideration when planning your day working from home, and shouldn’t be avoided.

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