Tips To Reduce Power Consumption For Your Business

June 25, 2022
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With the soaring electricity prices at the moment, energy-saving is being pushed to the front of every person’s mind. There are many practical and straightforward ways to save electricity, most of which begin with minor changes made by employees.

Contact a commercial electrician in Norfolk to perform an energy audit on your business; this will determine your baseline electricity usage and highlight ways you can save on this bill.

If you are somewhat unsure where to start saving electricity, we are here to help with some expert tips and tricks.

Use Energy-Saving Appliances

These ingenious devices convert small amounts of energy into the quantity of energy needed to undertake a task. Many appliances like this can operate using minimal electricity for maximum work.

Not only will this benefit your pocket, but the environment will benefit from the lowered carbon emissions.

Involve Employees

Let employees know you want to become more energy-efficient and lend a hand in planet conservation as a business to get your staff on board. Everybody is looking for ways to save the environment; your team is no different.

You may want to be energy efficient, but if workers are not aware of your plans, they will be unable to help curb the costs. Get your staff involved by asking for ideas, running competitions, and communicating.

Reduce Wastage

Simply put, use energy efficiently. Reducing energy consumption in your business saves you money, promotes our security of energy supply, and minimizes pollution caused by nonrenewable energy sources.

This means using less electricity to perform a task. Is it necessary to have three printers running throughout the day, or can your office operate with 2? Consider what equipment is just a waste of energy and eliminate the problem.

Switch Equipment Off When Not In Use

If equipment such as computers, printers, and lights are not being used, switch them off. When you think about it, a general work day is 8 to 9 hours long; this means that by switching off unused appliances, you will save electricity for 15 to 16 hours daily.

You can take this further by installing motion-sensitive lights so that lights are not always turned on in central areas. This will lead to significant savings on electricity.

Leaving equipment running 24 hours a day can double or even triple your electricity consumption. When you switch off appliances, remember to unplug them, limiting passive electricity use.

Do not rely on standby mode; it is not as efficient as you think. Appliances left on standby mode use up to 50% of their normal electricity usage.

Minimize Artificial Lighting

If you have the scarce privilege of having ample open office space, ensure you take full advantage of it, especially on those sunny days when you might not need to switch on the lights.

When you take a moment to look at your company’s energy consumption by focusing on sperate areas, it will make it easier to save money on your business energy costs by minimizing your company’s carbon footprint.

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