Top Wales-Based Insurance Startups Revolutionising the UK Industry

January 26, 2024

In this article, we spotlight some of the most promising insurance startups, born in 2020 or beyond, and headquartered in Wales. Brimming with an entrepreneurial spirit, these startups are set to reshape the UK’s insurance industry and beyond. By leveraging technology, these insurance startups aim to provide more efficient, tailored, and user-friendly services, dramatically improving user experience and transforming the landscape of insurance. Let’s delve into these trailblazing companies and see how they’re innovating this traditional industry.


AuditCover, headquartered in Sydney, New South Wales, uniquely positions itself in the finance, financial services, fintech, and insurance industry. It pioneers a simpler, smarter, and faster way to insure clients for accountants. Its innovative approach includes digital onboarding, secure data sharing, and direct-to-taxpayer programs. More about AuditCover can be found on its LinkedIn page.

Hutch Underwriting

On the mission of providing Health Insurance, Insurance, and Life Insurance, Hutch Underwriting is founded by Robin Edgecliffe Johnson. Located in Sydney, New South Wales, more details about Hutch Underwriting can be found on its Facebook and LinkedIn page.

Mitti Insurance

Mitti Insurance, located in Surry Hills, New South Wales, caters to the insurance and risk management needs of small and medium businesses. More information can be found on its Facebook and LinkedIn page.


Freely, an innovative startup focusing on Auto Insurance, Insurance, Travel, and Travel Agency, is headquartered in Sydney, New South Wales. Information about Freely can be found on its Facebook and LinkedIn page.


GiGcover, a startup offering services in financial services, insurance, and risk management, is founded by Adam Bohacek and Shirley Bohacek. Its engagement details are available on its Facebook and LinkedIn page.

Hippo Wealth

Hippo Wealth, founded by Jeffrey Liu, provides financial services, insurance, risk management, and wealth management. It offers tools to protect and grow family wealth, including comprehensive personal protection, SMSF, and investment. Investors can find a curated list of investment opportunities on its Facebook and LinkedIn page.

Life Insurance Partners

Life Insurance Partners, a key player in the Financial Services, Health Care, Insurance, and Life Insurance industry, is based in Sydney, New South Wales. More about Life Insurance can be found on its LinkedIn page.


Located in Sydney, New South Wales, 11eight offers consulting, financial services, and insurance. It works with diverse clients including corporates, financial service providers, and not-for-profits. It also has its LinkedIn page for more detailed information.

Honey Insurance

Named as Australia’s first smart home insurance, Honey Insurance is founded by Richard Joffe. Providing financial services, fintech, insurance, insurtech, and smart home services, Honey gives customers smart home sensors to prevent common accidents. Find out more about Honey on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Flip Insurance

Flip Insurance operates in the information technology, insurance, and internet industry. Located in Sydney, New South Wales, it can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Lastly, SherpaTech, located in Neutral Bay, New South Wales, offers financial services and property insurance. More details can be found on its Facebook and LinkedIn page.

These startups are just a snapshot of the thriving startup scene in the insurance sector in Wales. By leveraging technology and innovation, they are making waves in the industry, transforming the way we view and use insurance. Stay tuned for more startups showcase from other sectors in Wales.

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