Trailblazing London-Based Business Information Systems Startups in the UK

January 29, 2024

The world is undergoing a digital transformation like never before, and the United Kingdom is at the forefront of this revolution. Leading the charge are innovative start-ups with a fresh perspective on how technology can reshape the industries we all interact with every day. This series of articles will highlight some of the most promising London-based start-ups established in 2020 and beyond, operating in the Business Information Systems industry. We will delve into their objectives, the minds behind these innovative ideas, and their contributions to the industry.

Today’s digital world requires businesses to be agile, innovative, and customer-centric. Business Information Systems, a blend of people, technology, and processes, has become the backbone of many successful businesses in the 21st century. Focusing on empowering businesses with meaningful and reliable information, these start-ups are redefining the way we use and interact with technology.

Whether they are revolutionizing the way we find service providers, digitalizing plant maintenance procedures, or providing a data-driven platform for Venture Capital funds, these start-ups demonstrate the diversity and ingenuity of the UK’s burgeoning tech scene. So, let’s delve in and learn about these trailblazing companies.


Co-founded by George Novik, Almate operates at the intersection of Business Information Systems, developer platforms, and IT. They are part of the vibrant presence of tech-startups located in London, UK. Operating in the heart of the capital, they offer creative solutions tailored for the digital age. [Connect with Almate on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn]


Dialllog, founded by Karina Collis, is the first relationship and collaboration platform designed specifically for Venture Capital funds. Dialllog aims to streamline your interactions, manage processes, and extract smart insights in real-time for your team. [Reach out to them and setup a trial access on their LinkedIn page.]


London-based start-up Waybook is taking steps to modernize onboarding and training protocols for companies across the globe. Through their platform, companies can host all their training material in one place, simplifying and making their processes efficient. [Follow Waybook on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn]


Specializing in Business Information Systems, financial services, IT and more, LIKEZERO’s revolutionary software allows clients in the capital market to fully understand the legal risks within their contracts. With their vision to be the most trusted authority for contract data in financial services, they are truly empowering their clients. [Connect with LIKEZERO on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn]


Founded by Marko Wathen, Relefant aims to increase productivity, improve knowledge flow, and reduce uncertainty and waste in the workplace. They’re doing this by creating a platform that expediently grants employees access to relevant workplace knowledge. [Engage with Relefant on their Twitter or LinkedIn page.]

Silverwood Brands

Established in 2021 in London, Silverwood Brands creates, grows, and invests in consumer brands, offering support to drive long-term growth. Their mission is evidenced by their strategic investments and nurturing of various brands. [Connect with Silverwood Brands on LinkedIn]


Founded by Thomas Naylor in 2021, Hifo aims to transform how organizations find service providers and products that meet their needs. By allowing service providers to define their unique selling proposition clearly, Hifo platfrom makes decision-making for potential buyers easier and more efficient. [Stay updated through their Twitter or LinkedIn page.]

Fabrico SaaS

Co-founded by Blagovesta Pugyova, Fabrico SaaS offers a cloud-based CMMS that manages all maintenance activities in manufacturing facilities, delivering end-to-end lean maintenance methodologies. Their services include preventive and reactive maintenance solutions and an efficient ticketing system. [Connect with Fabrico on Facebook or LinkedIn]

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