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January 7, 2023
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From the most ancient times to the present day, mankind has gone through many stages of its development – from the primitive people to the modern ones, what we currently call homo sapiens – a smart person. Of course, this does not mean that primitive society was not capable of inventing something or otherwise improving. Even long before our era, various types of crafts were started, the first samples of hunting and other types of weapons were created, and the development of new types of occupations began. So, in particular, after the great resettlement of peoples, when communities began to settle in places and live in new territories, an attempt was made to make something like what we are used to calling home today. People used all available materials, animal bones, leaves and other things to decorate a place to live. The experience of obtaining food determined the intensification of the development and invention of weapons in order to be able to more effectively realize their potential on the hunt. Everything was thought out so much that every detail was used in the future – animal skins served as excellent clothes that warmed in winter, and were also part of the decoration of the house; bones are not only parts for chairs or other types of furniture, but also jewelry for women, etc. That is, all this proves the thesis that a person, as an intelligent being, during the entire period of his existence, always found an opportunity to learn new skills and implement them in his life, which made it easier and more interesting. This has not changed today. The latest achievements in the field of technology and their further development will be discussed further.

The scientific and technical revolution, which began in the 17th and 18th centuries, had a great impact on the entire further development of scientific and educational thought. The era of great discoveries began, which even now people use every day and find some benefit for themselves. It is also about a magnifying glass, a telescope, a wheel, a machine, etc. However, the last decades are characterized by the computerization of all technologies and equipping them with new properties that make things that previously seemed impossible, real and accessible. It is difficult to overestimate their importance, so we will continue to talk about such inventions, in particular, about night vision technologies.

Night vision and its history

The first achievements in this field date back to the 19th century, when the ability of infrared rays to show thermal imprints of various objects was discovered for the first time. The study of this phenomenon was marked by the invention of such a term as the thermal picture of reality. What does it mean? First of all, the process of obtaining a thermal image is quite simple to understand: infrared rays are passed through a certain prism and reflect images of various objects on the surface. This allows you to track objects that are completely covered in darkness or are inaccessible to the human eye.

At first, this type of technology was used only for strategically important purposes, but later the need for it became more and more important in other fields as well. So, if in the military sphere it is obvious that the possession of night vision devices is a priority for the country, then in relation to other industries, such as security, the use of such devices is conditioned by the need to see what is happening around the protected object. The indicated devices are also actively used in the medical field and in the law enforcement field, and all of them successfully demonstrate their effectiveness and significance for every person.

Night vision devices work even when there is a small amount of light in the environment, they allow you to catch every smallest print and display it on the surface. One of the leading manufacturers of such technologies is AGM Global Vision, whose line is represented by the most technological and modern monoculars, binoculars, scopes, and night vision goggles. They are fully adapted to the characteristics of the human eye and do not create discomfort when using them. All devices have access to USB, Bluetooth and other built-in mechanisms that support data transfer. Also, their advantage is an autonomous battery that can hold a charge for 12 hours in a row without additional recharging. Undoubtedly, you can fully rely on such technology, because without it it is quite difficult to achieve success in various fields of activity where night vision is mandatory.


Let’s start our acquaintance with night vision devices with binoculars. It is one of the most common devices used almost every day by representatives of various professions. A characteristic feature of binoculars is that they have two tubes through which reality can be observed and certain data can be obtained. Binoculars were originally used by representatives of the military sphere. In particular, when it was necessary to see the location of the enemy or to obtain other information, binoculars helped the most. They brought objects closer to the retina, that is, they made it possible to examine various types of objects in more detail – from the smallest to the largest.

Today, binoculars are mostly used by hunters. However, the high cost of such equipment makes it possible to use it only for those who can afford it. Interestingly, there is also such a night vision device as a monocular. What is the difference between binoculars and a monocular? Everything is quite simple – binoculars have two tubes, monoculars have one. However, both devices have similar functions. What then are the differences in use?

In fact, both binoculars and monoculars help you see at long distances by zooming in on objects and detailing them. However, at the same time, they are used in different ways. Due to the structure of the human eye and several other factors, binoculars are more often used than monoculars. Binoculars are more familiar to humans, as we are used to seeing with two eyes at the same time. This makes using this night vision device more comfortable and convenient. In this way, a person can observe the phenomena of the surrounding reality for a long period of time without eye fatigue. Unlike binoculars, a monocular use only one eye to survey the area. Naturally, this does not allow you to concentrate for a long period of time, but practice shows that monoculars are more effective. Why does this happen? When using only one eye to observe reality, we are straining it as much as possible, realizing its full potential. This allows you to see those objects that are at a great distance and to visualize their features most accurately. That is, we can draw a logical conclusion that binoculars are used for long-term observation, and monocular – if you need to see something specific, find out the distinctive features of something, etc. With such night vision devices, you will definitely be able to become successful in any sphere of life.

Night vision Goggles

Another type of night vision devices are night vision goggles. This mechanism became widely used at the beginning of the 21st century. The need for it has grown both in the military field and in the hunting field. The mechanism of their work is quite similar to binoculars, but night vision goggles are more compact and convenient to transport. Night vision goggles are used in any weather conditions. Even if it rains heavily or snows, you will still be able to calmly observe reality and survey the area. Practice shows that even during combat operations or other extreme situations, night vision goggles are effective and do not give up positions.

Glasses from AGM Global Vision are an advantage in use, because they not only facilitate the perception of everything that happens around, but also have been tested by the practice of use for decades. They are equipped with excellent lenses that provide a quality image that corresponds to reality, and sometimes improves it at the same time, if the weather conditions are unfavorable. The high-quality housing of night vision goggles ensures their durability and the ability to use them for years without damage. Using night vision goggles, you will be able to see those objects that cannot be seen with the naked eye. At the same time, you will spend a minimum of effort and work with maximum efficiency.

High-quality night vision goggles as devices for good night vision should be equipped with high-quality lenses and optical coating, be suitable for use in any weather conditions, have a long warranty for use (at least 3-4 years) with the possibility of contacting the manufacturer directly for elimination possible problems. Such night vision goggles must be waterproof and must have synchronization with any type of weapon. After checking the completeness of the night vision goggles and studying the instructions for their use, you can confidently start implementing the planned tasks together with them.

If it seems to you that you, as an ordinary person, do not use such devices every day, then imagine that night vision goggles are used not only for strategically important industries, but also for night vision cameras in the security sector, or even in the private sector in your at home, in search and intelligence activities, etc. For such purposes, night vision goggles of the II or III generation are used, as those that have undergone more improvement and diversification of technologies. They improve visibility and provide an opportunity to more effectively implement tasks.


Thus, scientific and technological progress led to the intensification of the use of scientific potential by various spheres of social life. This applies not only to high-priority tasks, but also to those that we face every day. Night vision devices are no exception, the use of which allows you to better orient yourself at night and maximize your potential at every opportunity.

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