UK-Based Startups Revolutionising the Autonomous Vehicles Industry

January 29, 2024

Welcome to another instalment in our series dedicated to UK start-ups launching beyond 2020, exploring the innovative and varied field of autonomous vehicle industry enterprises. These forward-thinking businesses are entering a market projected to reach over £556 billion by 2026, revolutionising transportation and redefining our connections to the technological world. From climate-friendly refrigeration units to pioneering vision systems, these start-ups showcase the UK’s aptitude for boundary-pushing ideas and robust solutions rooted in Artificial Intelligence and autonomy.


Established by co-founders Andrew Sucis, Michael Lowe, and Nikolai Tauber, Sunswap is a breakout star in the autonomous vehicles, transportation, and travel sectors. This Southwark-based company has taken on the challenge of decarbonising the cold chain with their zero-emission Transport Refrigeration Units (TRUs). Their patent-pending technology provides operators a zero-emission alternative for their diesel TRUs. Collaborating with six major UK supermarkets on product development, Sunswap is working toward securing sales with them in 2021. Learn more about their green initiatives on their LinkedIn page.

Moose Scooters

Moose Scooters is an innovator in the autonomous vehicles, e-commerce, electric vehicle, and electronics industries. Located in Bristol, this start-up specializes in electric scooters, helping to lead the charge on a quieter, cleaner form of transportation. Find out about their exciting product range and dynamic vision on their Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

Grayscale AI

Grayscale AI is making its mark in multiple sectors from aerospace to logistics and robotics. Based in London and founded by Dragos Stanciu, they offer next-generation computer vision and neuromorphic AI to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and promote sustainability. Check out their pioneering work on their LinkedIn page.


This London-based startup operates in the artificial intelligence, automotive, autonomous vehicles, logistics, and machine learning fields. Led by James Hennessey, Hypermile is one among the rising numbers of AI companies revolutionizing logistic solutions. More can be learned about their ground-breaking initiatives on their LinkedIn page.


Also London-based, INAI Soft, led by founder Stan Levandovsky, is a force to be reckoned with in artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, business intelligence, education, SaaS, and software industries. The start-up focuses on Smart City SaaS solutions, retail, and business automation, contributing to making the world a better place for future generations. Find out more on their Facebook or LinkedIn page.


Based out of Edinburgh, Loveelectric brings change in the autonomous vehicle sector as a vehicle leasing company that aims to make electric cars affordable and accessible. Led by founder Steve Tigar, the company even offers lease schemes. Their efforts in fostering electric mobility can be explored better on their LinkedIn page.


Based in the heart of London and founded by Felix Dennis, Autovia is an exciting player in the automotive, autonomous vehicles, and content categories. You can learn more about their work on their Facebook or LinkedIn page.


Based in Harwell, Oxfordshire, Sorair is at the crossroads of autonomous vehicles, delivery, information technology, logistics, and supply chain management. Launched in 2021, Sorair develops and delivers autonomous upgrades to various supply chain systems and logistic services. Explore their company more in-depth on their LinkedIn page.

These industry leaders are transforming the future of transportation with a shared commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the power of machine intelligence. Follow us and be part of this transformative journey into the future of autonomous vehicles and beyond in the UK startup scene.

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