UK Startups Revolutionising the Casual Gaming Industry Landscape

January 28, 2024

The UK startup scene has proved itself to be a fertile ground for new and innovative ventures, and the casual games industry is a sector that has shown particular promise. With an audience that includes every demographic, from schoolchildren to seniors, the market for these rewarding and entertaining pastimes is arguably limitless. This article showcases several UK startups with a focus on casual games, all of which were established in or after 2020, and each one demonstrates a unique perspective on the industry.

An increasingly popular segment within the broader gaming market, casual games offer engaging and often addictively simple gameplay that can be enjoyed in short bursts. These companies demonstrate a profound understanding of the market, creating fresh and exciting content that brings joy to both seasoned and occasional gamers. Whether you’re a gamer, investor or simply an enthusiast interested in discovering the latest names in the industry, here’s a look at a few of the most intriguing UK-based casual gaming startups.

While there are hundreds of startups in the UK, these companies have been handpicked for their innovation, creativity, and dedication to delivering quality gaming experiences. Each company profile provides an insight into their unique approach, and a brief description of their offerings.


Located in London, Streaks specialises in casual games and web development, adding a unique touch to the gaming industry. Visit their website or connect with them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


Based in London, 8Bitcade is crafting unique casual games that blend with e-Learning, and media and entertainment. Connect with them on their website or follow them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Playwind Games

Located in London, Playwind Games, founded by Jack Tang, is a mobile game studio that believes in the power of social interaction in gaming. Learn more about their exciting offerings on their website or connect on LinkedIn.


Based in London, Kodobe, founded by Fikayo Otun and Tofunmi Babatunde, specializes in a unique gamification platform that enhances customer engagement. Discover more about their services on their website or connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Also headquartered in London, GDevelop, founded by Florian Rival, provides a game creation platform for everyone. Find out more about their offerings on their website or follow them on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Momentum Games

Based in London and founded by Tolga Unlu, Momentum Games creates viral and large-scale projects in the advertising and video gaming sector. You can learn about their exciting projects on their website or follow their journeys on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Pocket Burger Games

Located in London and founded by Adam Sullivan, Jarrod Gecek, Matt Down, and Mitchell Smallman, Pocket Burger Games specialises in system driven mobile games for blue ocean markets. You can find out more about their offerings on their website or connect on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Headquartered in London, NetBorn is creating an immersive gaming experience in the metaverse, taking MMO games to a new level. Learn more about their first release and future plans on their website or follow their journey on Twitter.


Based in London and founded by Edgar Ai, Senome develops interactive stories with a nostalgic visual style and mysticism. You can learn more about their games and vision on their website or connect with them on LinkedIn.

As an exploration of the most exciting insights in the casual games industry, these startups present a fresh and unique approach to the industry, demonstrating the potential of the UK gaming market. Each company, though diverse, shares a common creative spirit and innovative culture.

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