UK’s Blooming Digital Entertainment Startups: Excellence Through Innovation

January 23, 2024

In recent years, the UK has emerged as a leading centre of digital innovation, with technology startups from all corners of the country making their mark in the global digital entertainment industry. From breakthroughs in virtual reality and gaming to advanced video streaming solutions and artificial intelligence-driven entertainment tools for children, a slew of new companies founded in 2020 or later are creating unique, enriching and engaging experiences across platforms, mediums and audiences. This article highlights some of these groundbreaking UK-based startups fuelling the growth of the digital entertainment industry.

This generation of startups are leveraging the power of technology to carve out unique spaces in the digital entertainment industry. Whether it’s creating online platforms for live interactive events or offering professional booking services for creative artists, these startups have launched products and services that are transforming how we consume and create digital content. They’ve effectively built fresh avenues for creators and viewers alike, shaping how we interact with entertainment on a daily basis.

Let’s take a closer look at these revolutionary startups and the entrepreneurs behind them, offering an exclusive peek into their core offerings and vision for the digital entertainment industry.


Founded by Alison Lang, Changingday is a Glasgow-based startup that develops virtual reality games for autistic people. This pioneering venture is harnessing the power of virtual reality for the inclusivity and well-being of autistic individuals. You can follow them on @ChangingdayVR or connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Backlot Studio

Founded by Faith Selby in London, Backlot Studio offers on-demand independent films through WebRTC. This allows film fans from anywhere in the world to come together and watch high-quality cinema that is often hard to find. Backlot Studio is a game-changer in the media and entertainment industry, connecting storytellers and audiences across borders.


Based in Colchester, Essex, Rogue is a startup operating in the digital entertainment and gaming sector. Though details about its specific offerings and founders are sparse, the company is part of the vibrant UK gaming scene and can be followed on LinkedIn.


Vumicentral, the brainchild of Martin Macharia and Wilfred Kinyanjui, is an innovative digital entertainment platform set to revolutionise how independent creators connect with audiences. Through Vumicentral, creators can monetise their offerings, and consumers can access interactive low latency video streams, premium live streams and video on demand, all in one place. Stay connected with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Fat Rabbit

London-based startup Fat Rabbit is pushing the boundary in children’s digital entertainment with AI-generated content. Founded by Henry Ashley-Cooper and Ilya Suvau, Fat Rabbit is focused on creating entertaining content for kids that also ensures a genuinely positive outcome.


Launched by Anjan Luthra, Thrillz connects fans to their favourite celebrities through custom videos, live events and experiences. This London-based startup is making personal connections with stars a reality, and can be followed on LinkedIn, @Thrillz_UK and Facebook.


Virve, founded by Jay Singh, is a London-based digital platform for the performance industry, offering live interactive events, ticket sales, merchandise sales and more. Stay connected with Virve on LinkedIn, @VirveTV and Facebook.


Founded by Emily Ingram and Liam Mclaney, OnJam is a platform for digital entertainment, digital media, music streaming and video streaming. Despite limited available information, OnJam is another innovator in the UK digital entertainment space. Follow them on @onjamhq, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

RD Land

London-based startup RD Land, founded by Angelina Aleksandrovich, presents a multisensory adult-safe metaverse for progressive entertainment and virtual relationships, integrating blockchain technology. Follow them on LinkedIn, @rd__land and Facebook.


Based in Bournemouth, Talewind is a games studio focused on creating exceptional experiences for the metaverse. Founded by Georgina Felce and Mike Allender, it is part of the vibrant UK gaming industry. Connect with them on LinkedIn and @talewindgames.


Eckofide is a London-based social entertainment platform that simplifies booking creatives, offering essential tools for creatives to manage and monetise their art. Founded by Rory Ceasar Paul, Eckofide is supported by major music artists, professional athletes, and public speakers. Connect with them on @eckofide, Instagram and LinkedIn.

This diverse group of digital entertainment startups are revolutionising entertainment as we know it, and are solid proof that the UK’s innovative spirit in the digital entertainment sector is thriving.

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