UK’s Rising Facility Management Startups: Revolutionizing British Industrial Space

January 30, 2024

In recent times, the thriving UK startup scene has been continuously advancing in various sectors, with the facility management industry leading a significant portion of this innovation. As a dominant force in the UK’s economic landscape, startups emerging from 2020 or later in the facility management sector are reimagining how activities are coordinated in spaces such as buildings, precincts, and communities. The following startups have showcased innovation, resilience, and dynamism in their operating models and approaches to facility management.

Operating out of Banbridge, Stora is a cutting-edge facility management software startup founded by Steven Hylands and Will McNeilly. Promising to revolutionize facility management, Stora is a web-first self-storage software product. Its key functions include facilitating online bookings and payments, automating recurring billing and customer check-in among many other industry-specific features.


Stora is a Facility Management and Software company located in Banbridge, United Kingdom. Founded by Steven Hylands and Will McNeilly in 2020, this startup is reshaping the way businesses manage self-storage. Stora provides an online facility management system which allows businesses to customise their website, set prices and discounts, and review key business metrics. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Blue Facilities Management

Based in London, Blue Facilities Management specialises in cleaning, maintenance, and Coronavirus Prevention Services. Established by Julien Havelock-Hill, Blue Facilities Management offers a full range of cleaning and disinfection services, including fogging services that guarantee complete room decontamination. Connect with them here and LinkedIn.


Moving onto Burton-on-Trent, Herongrange operates within the Electronics, Facility Management and Security sectors. Although the founders are unknown, Herongrange is making its mark in the industry with innovative solutions. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Flexiss Group

In Wilmslow, the Flexiss Group offers services in Construction, Consulting, Facility Management, amongst other sectors. Although the founders are unknown, the company’s LinkedIn profile can be found here.

Gleam Contract Services

Next is Gleam Contract Services, headquartered in Ashford, is majorly involved in CleanTech and Facility Management. Gleam Contract specializes in commercial window cleaning services across different sectors. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Pure Decon

Based in Manchester, Pure Decon specializes in expert Decontamination and Deep Cleaning services. Their commitment to hygiene standards has led to the development of advanced and effective deep cleaning technology, making them, leaders in their field. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Tweaq, a London-based startup specializes in Facility Management, Internet of Things, Service Industry, and Software. Founded by Vincent Gauye, Tweaq is the creator of the world’s first smart self-disinfecting door handle, which reduces cross contamination in high traffic areas. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

It is clear that these startups are leading the way by challenging traditional norms in the facility management industry. They are driving much-needed changes, creating jobs, and contributing to the UK’s economic growth.

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