Unveiling Wales-Based UK Startups Revolutionising the Advice Industry Sector

January 29, 2024

As the UK continues to manifest an entrepreneurial spirit, countless startups have sprung across it, particularly within the Advice sector. These young enterprises offer solutions and insights to businesses across a broad range of industries. Ringing in the new decade, here’s a spotlight on ambitious startups operating in the Advice industry from 2020 onwards. All these companies, each unique in their approach, aim to transform the way businesses operate in their respective fields. Let’s further delve into the journey and the vision of these promising startups, all of which are headquartered in Wales, launched in 2020 or later, and have opened new frontiers of innovation.


Located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, IIMBE operates in various sectors, including Advice, Business Intelligence, Construction, Consulting, ICT, and Project Management. Although the founders are unnamed, IIMBE aims to extend its reach across industries to provide insightful advice and reliable solutions. You can follow them on Twitter or check their profile on LinkedIn.


Operating from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, LookB4 is an entrant in the Advice, Market Research, and Online Portals sectors. Despite the anonymity of its founders, LookB4 promises to introduce innovative solutions and strategies in its target industries. More information about LookB4 can be found on their LinkedIn profile.

Corporate Connect Research

Founded by Paul Sanger and specialising in Advice, Analytics, and Financial Services, Corporate Connect Research is based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The company holds expertise in providing comprehensive research for ASX-listed companies with a non-biased stance. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and view their LinkedIn profile for more updates.

Aequitas Investment Partners

Aequitas Investment Partners is a Sydney, New South Wales, Australia based startup operating in Advice, Asset Management, Financial Services, Impact Investing, and Professional Services industries. Their profile can be accessed and followed on LinkedIn.

Clout Advisory

Clout Advisory headquartered in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia, provides solutions in Accounting, Advice, Business Development, Financial Services, and Risk Management sectors. Despite the absence of named founders, Clout Advisory is poised to introduce transformative strategies in the fields they serve.


Founded by Anuradha Coorey and based in North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, DigiConsult specializes in Advice, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Education, IT Infrastructure, Non-Profit, Project Management, Software, and Software Engineering. Their ethos aims to solve clients’ business challenges using technology, with a particular focus on small to medium organisations within non-profit and education industries. Follow DigiConsult on LinkedIn and YouTube.

Walsh Capital

Based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Walsh Capital provides services in the Advice, Financial Services, and Professional Services sectors. For more details, interested parties can check out Walsh Capital’s LinkedIn profile.

DASH Technology

Founded by Andrew Whelan and located in North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, DASH Technology offers services in the Advice, Financial Services, Software, and Wealth Management domains. The company provides comprehensive financial services, including software, platform, and wealth management services for advisers and broader wealth services. Follow them on Twitter and view their LinkedIn profile for more insights.

In conclusion, these startups address the emerging needs in their respective sectors, pushing boundaries and creating new norms. Reimagining business advice and consulting in their unique ways, these companies exhibit noteworthy entrepreneurial resilience and innovation. Stay tuned to follow their journey!

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