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What Are The Best Company Cars For New Businesses?

Company cars are one of the most alluring incentives for employees and can provide a significant benefit for businesses too. It’s a way of taking charge of your mobile fleet and ensuring that everyone needing regular transport gets it dependably and in a manner you can directly control. But what cars make the best company cars? There are hundreds, even thousands of potential answers here, so we thought we’d put the spotlight on a few brands and a sector that is making some serious inroads.


Mercedes is a luxury manufacturer that boasts a huge range of good cars which are perfect options for company cars for new businesses. Mercedes is a name synonymous with quality thanks to models such as the consistently popular A-Class. They can also be surprisingly affordable, as you will find yourself if you search for used Mercedes cars online.

Before settling on a car, however, you need to understand how far your employees will be planning on travelling to help you make your choice. Because some models go further for longer. This is particularly true if you’re thinking of investing in the Mercedes EQA electric car. But more on that later.


Volvo is another company that has come a long way in the last few years and offers some great options for company cars thanks to their reliability and variety. Volvo cars hover somewhere between the more affordable likes of Ford and Vauxhall and the luxury brands like Mercedes and BMW. This makes them ideally placed for company car use.

Take the Volvo XC40, for example. This is a hybrid car (which means lower tax) that is incredibly comfortable and built to travel long distances safely. The Volvo V60, meanwhile, has been dubbed the “perfect company car” by the manufacturers themselves, as it not only looks the part but drives smoothly too.


Always strong contenders for company cars as they are notoriously reliable and luxurious, the German manufacturer has been producing incredibly smart and sophisticated cars for generations now and they tend to specialize in saloon cars, which are always going to be popular for businesses.

For our money, the BMW 3 Series offers the best combination of function and fashion. It’s a joy to drive and offers plenty of space in a neat and relatively compact package. For this very reason, it doubles as an amazing family car and, let’s be honest, most employees will be using their car just as much at the weekends.

Electric cars

Electric company cars have also started making more of an appearance on the market with companies such as Hyundai and Nissan providing some great affordable options. Best of all, the three manufacturers listed above all have electric models currently on the market such as the Mercedes EQA, the Volvo XC40 Recharge and the BMW iX. Yes, you’ll pay a little more as an initial investment but the savings on fuel and road tax might make it worth your while.

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