York’s Rising Cannabis Startups Transforming UK’s Green Industry Landscape

January 4, 2024

For a burgeoning industry and one that has long had a veil of stigma attached to it, the cannabis industry is now experiencing exponential growth. Startups have proliferated globally, with more and more entrepreneurs seeing the untapped potential of the industry. This cryptocurrency boom is especially pronounced in the UK, with today’s focus being the startups based in York, founded in 2020 or later, that are making waves within the cannabis industry. From software to e-commerce and venture capitalist firms, the range of companies involved in the cannabis industry is incredibly diverse. As challenging as it is exciting, these startups are driving innovation and pushing boundaries in a rapidly emerging market.

For many, the image of cannabis businesses may be confined to growers, retailers, and consumers. However, the industry is abundant with startups that encapsulate several business types. These vary from technology companies redefining retail capabilities, supply chain improvements and consumer experiences to venture capital firms that fund and nurture the growth of other startups in the sector. As such, the cannabis industry is multi-faceted and brimming with opportunities for startups to provide complementary services and innovations.

This article aims to highlight some of the standout cannabis startups from York. We’ll venture beyond simply looking at companies that grow or sell cannabis, exploring those whose business models offer innovative services and solutions that enable the industry to thrive. So without further ado, let’s dive into the world of cannabis startups in the UK.


Dispense is a software firm that provides comprehensive management solutions designed specifically for cannabis dispensaries. The company was founded by Kyla Moore and Tim Officer, and their services encompass e-commerce, customer relationship management (CRM), data control, analytics, and integration features. To learn more about Dispense and their offerings, connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Sa Wea Luxury

Founded by Welee Fofanah., Sa Wea Luxury operates as a technological luxury cannabis brand. Their innovative technology aims to revolutionize the image of traditional cannabis users. They’re on Twitter and connect with them on LinkedIn.

ARGO Capital Advisors

ARGO Capital Advisors is a New York-based investment banking firm catering to emerging businesses in the cannabis industry (among other sectors). Founded by Alex Zykov and Misha Vasilchikov, ARGO provides strategic advisory services and assists with capital raises, funding rounds and more. Link up with them on LinkedIn

Krisp. New York

Krisp. New York is a fashionable firm with a twist, combining threads with cannabis products. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for updates and new releases.

Muri Lelu

Offering unique and indulgent face oil among other products, Muri Lelu merges cosmetic elegance with the healing properties of cannabis. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Empire Standard

For businesses on a quest to brand their own line of CBD products, Empire Standard provides a robust service including product development, manufacturing, and fulfillment. Interaction with them is available on Facebook and LinkedIn.


With trust and accessibility at its core, Chow420 thoroughly verifies CBD products through a robust blockchain process. Stay up to date with them through their social handles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Cannaco, established by Captain Steve, serves as a marketplace for all things cannabis. Offering a range of products and simple shopping experience, Cannaco is a consumer-friendly cannabis business.

New Pill Technologies

Combining Artificial Intelligence and healthcare, New Pill Technologies pioneers in personalized cannabis dosing and controlled drug adherence tracking.


SuperChillStore.com is an online marketplace for curated selection of elite CBD products from varied brands offering quick shipping and a streamlined shopping experience. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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