20 Best UK Dental Podcasts of 2021

May 17, 2021

Are you wanting to learn more about uk dental? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best uk dental podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

Best UK Dental Podcasts 2021

With thanks to ListenNotes, Crunchbase, SemRush and Ahrefs for providing the data to create and rank these podcasts.

Dental Leaders Podcast

  • Publisher: Prav Solanki & Payman Langroudi
  • Total Episodes: 83

The Dental Leaders podcast takes you on a behind the scenes journey with emerging leaders in dentistry. Success leaves clues, and these conversations uncover the depth, detail, and backstory behind our guests. The show is hosted by dental entrepreneurs Payman Langroudi & Prav Solanki. Let the conversation flow. Find out more at https://www.dentalleaders.co.uk/

Working Interferences Dental Podcast

  • Publisher: Lance Timmerman DMD Joshua Austin DDS
  • Total Episodes: 180

A dental podcast for the AVERAGE dentist. No question is too controversial for Joshua Austin DDS and Lance Timmerman DMD. Questions are NOT “best bonding agent” or “best impression material.” You know, like “can I harm my assistant for being annoying?”, or “how much oral sex is too much after gum grafts?” or even, “Will my DNA be altered by getting a bone graft from cadaver bone?” The information that ALL dentists need. Where we coined the term “Bukkake Honor Circle”

The Making of…

  • Publisher: The Female Lead
  • Total Episodes: 16

What are the moments that shape us? In this podcast from The Female Lead, brilliant women talk about the key moments that have made them who they are. From massive landmarks to simple everyday inspiration – these are the plot points that have steered their stories. We talk about life-changing opportunities, pivotal relationships, crushing disappointments, turning points and words of wisdom that have stuck with them. Each woman has chosen a list of moments herself. Some decisive, some accidental, some lucky, but all show us just how rambling our routes in life can be and all helped make the woman who she is today. This is the first podcast from The Female Lead, a charity founded by Edwina Dunn exploring the factors that limit women’s success and fulfilment. By listening to women and understanding them through research and data we aim to influence businesses and governments in order to drive real change. The Female Lead is passionate about telling women’s stories and that’s what this podcast is all about! The show is hosted by Bea Appleby, Editor of The Female Lead and author of What Is Feminism? Why Do we need it? On radio Bea has been a regular contributor to The Emma Barnett Show on BBC5 Live and BBC Late Night Woman’s Hour. This series is kindly sponsored by Missoma (https://uk.missoma.com/) . Make your moments last forever with Missoma and get an exclusive 15% by using MAKE15 now on https://uk.missoma.com/

Let’s Change Dentistry Together

  • Publisher: 3Shape UK
  • Total Episodes: 4

Welcome to our 3Shape UK podcast. We’re on a mission to change dentistry together. We believe that there is always a better and more efficient way to provide care and dialogue around dental treatment. We also believe none of this can be done alone, which is why we collaborate with a network of dental professionals, industry leaders and professionals.

Elmar’s Tooth Talk – The Missing Link to Total Health

  • Publisher: Dr. Elmar Jung
  • Total Episodes: 52

In Elmar’s Tooth Talk – The missing Link To Total Health you discover: The hazardous toxins and life-threatening risks of dental materials and treatments and what you can do about them. The connection your teeth have with the rest of your body and how to use this to your advantage. How to eliminate the toxins and poisons lurking around you in everyday life. The devastating consequences that early tooth extractions can have for your child. Powerful, clear and effective solutions from a leading UK expert in holistic dentistry. You’ll understand why your teeth are probably the most important part of your health and how applying what you learn in the Podcast can kick-start your well-being revolution and transform your oral and overall health. If you always suspected that there is more to your health than just drill-fill-bill dentistry, then this Podcast is for you.

The Society of British Dental Nurses Podcast

  • Publisher: The Society of British Dental Nurses
  • Total Episodes: 9

Welcome to the Society of Britsh Dental Nurses podcasts. Sponsored by Horton Consulting. This podcast is designed to inspire Dental nurses throughout the UK. Each podcast will deliver an interview with a Dental Nurse, all of which are working in different environments and using different skill sets. Some are no longer active in their roles but they started their career as a dental nurse and they would not be in their current roles without dental nursing!

The Campbell Academy Podcast

  • Publisher: The Campbell Academy- Andy Legg and Colin Campbell
  • Total Episodes: 8

The Campbell Academy is a dental teaching company based in Nottingham. Here on our podcast we interview friends of the academy about a variety of topics both dental and non dental as part of our commitment to positively influence the lives of as many people as possible. We hope you enjoy it but are happy with any feedback, positive or otherwise! Email [email protected]

Lauren Booth

  • Publisher: Muslim Central
  • Total Episodes: 47

Lauren Booth is a highly sought after writer, presenter and public speaker. Her YouTube serie ‘Tayyib Way’ focuses on Muslims and the environment. Her one woman show, ‘Accidentally Muslim’ played the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Festival 2019 to excellent reviews. Lauren trains adults and young people in public speaking, TV techniques and authenticity. Bookings via her website: laurenbooth.co.uk  

House Party

  • Publisher: Dj Matt Despilia
  • Total Episodes: 34

Back in 1993 my friends discovered I owned a substantial vinyl collection, threw a party and asked me to DJ. So I hired out an all in one Citronic DJ double turntable and the party was a roaring success. The following year I invested in a pair of Technics 1210’s, incidentally the same pair I play off in my live streams and sets now! Through the 90s and 00s I performed in venues across the UK and Europe including Coventry’s Browns, Newcastle’s World Headquarters, Bristol’s Thekla, London’s Soho House and Lausanne’s D-Club. I also held a handful of residencies up and down the country and built a formidable collection of tunes but in recent years I’ve been busy presenting my flagship radio show, ‘The House Party’ and was very excited to transfer its format over to Block Radio in early 2020 where I deliver a fortnightly live mix of classic & underground house music. My soundcloud page along with my mixcloud profile feature all the shows and mixes I’ve produced over the years going back as far as 1995 with new sets added every few days. You can also find my shows on Amazon Music and Apple Podcast where it is ranked as their number one ‘House Party’ listing.

Oopsy Daisy

  • Publisher: Alex
  • Total Episodes: 11

The Oopsy Daisy Podcast is a storytelling series comprised of stories told by you – the listener – and me (cause let’s face it, I have a lot). These hilarious stories are about embarrassing “bathroom” mishaps that we have all encountered at some point in life. They don’t have to happen in the bathroom, just anything pee, poop, puke, period…embarrassing related. It could be a life-altering story or something small, like an accidental fart, either way it’s funny! Let’s have a laugh at ourselves, together. Follow along on the website: https://www.podpage.com/oopsy-daisy/Get social with us at: https://www.facebook.com/Oopsy-Daisy-Podcast-167725351536278https://www.instagram.com/oopsydaisypodcast/

My Cabbages! An Avatar Podcast

  • Publisher: Zach and Alex
  • Total Episodes: 27

Formerly Yip Yip: An avatar podcast, “My Cabbages!” is An Avatar: The Last Airbender Podcast started by two lovable nerds during a global pandemic to stave off their inevitable existential crisis. How many people does team Avatar accidentally murder? Does Zuko mistreat his interns? Is Aang more of a 5e Druid, or is he a Pathfinder Monk? Where are all the blue tree people? We find answers for all of Avatar’s most profoundly unasked questions. Join us, as we journey once more through one of the greatest stories ever told.

Pushing to the Front by MARDEN, Orison Swett

  • Publisher: LibriVox
  • Total Episodes: 67

Published in 1894, this is the first book by the renowned inspirational author, Dr. Orison Swett Marden. Pushing to the Front is the product of many years of hard work, and marks a turning point in the life of Dr. Marden. He rewrote it following an accidental fire that brought the five-thousand-plus page manuscript to flames. It went on to become the most popular personal-development book of its time, and is a timeless classic in its genre. Filled with stories of success, triumph and the surmounting of difficulties, it is especially well-targeted at the adolescent or young adult. It is a book to inspire the reader towards a noble sense of integrity, a strong moral foundation, and solid, enduring self-discipline to let the reader put each foot forward as the leader they are meant to be. (Summary by Luke Sartor)

Ulysses by JOYCE, James

  • Publisher: LibriVox
  • Total Episodes: 39

NOTE: Because of the nature of this project, there was a bending of usual LibriVox procedures: pub-like background noise was encouraged, as well as group readings; and no editing was required, so in places there may be some accidental variation from the original text … Listener be warned! Here is some more information about the genesis of the LibriVox Ulysses project. (Summary by Hugh McGuire) Still one of the most radical novels of the 20th Century, James Joyce’s Ulysses is considered to have ushered in the era of the modern novel. Loosely based on Homer’s Odyssey, the book follows Leopold Bloom and a number of other characters through an ordinary day, twenty four hours, in Dublin, on June 16, 1904. The text is dense and difficult, but perfectly suited to an oral reading, filled with language tricks, puns and jokes, stream of consciousness, and bawdiness. Full cast list for sections 15f and 15g: Character identifications read by Chip Read by: Kirsten Ferreri and Max Porter Zasada Bloom read by David Barnes Stephen read by Alex Foster Kitty read by Kristin LeMoine Florry read by Alessia Zoe read by Catharine Eastman Lynch read by Stephan Möbius Bella, list of names, and sundry characters read by Kymm Zuckert Marion read by Nikolle Doolin Boylan read by Rainer Private Carr read by Matthew Shepherd Private Compton read by Seth Woodworth Cissy Caffrey read by Kara Shallenberg Maginni read by Hugh Mcguire The Mother read by Cynthia Lyons Additional sundry characters and background voices: Peter Yearsley, Martin Clifton, Stephan Möbius, Kymm Zuckert, Ted Delorme, Hajduk, John Greenman, Tina Tilney, Annie Coleman, The Good Reverend Doctor, Mark F. Smith, Esther, Cecilia, Gesine, Anita Roy Dobbs, Kristin LeMoine, Catharine Eastman, Peter Eastman The ten segments were edited as follows: 1st, 5th, and 6th segments with The Woods, The Dance, and The Ghost, were edited by Anita Roy Dobbs; 2nd and 4th segments with The Brothel and The Race were edited and sound designed by Stephan Möbius; 3rd and 10th segments with The Affair and The End were edited by Gesine; 7th segment, with The Chase, was edited by The Good Reverend Doctor; 8th and 9th segments, with The Kings and The Fight, were edited and sound designed by annelika.

Carma: An Improv Comedy

  • Publisher: Kev Rook
  • Total Episodes: 19

Carma is a one man improv comedy sitcom podcast where Kev Rook plays Kevin. Kevin is a man with a job, a wife, a car and a bloody good sense of humour – but why does no one ever answer their phone to him? It all takes place in Kevin’s car via a series of left messages, accidental recordings and voice memos. Follow twitter.com/carmapodcast and facebook.com/carmapodcast Our theme tune is called “Nasty People” by Tom Hingley Band from the “I Love My Job” album, Check out twitter.com/tomhingley & tomhingley.co.uk for all the latest news. You can buy Carma a coffee at ko-fi.com/carmapodcast

Walden by Henry David Thoreau

  • Publisher: Loyal Books
  • Total Episodes: 23

Two years, two months and two days! This is what forms the time line of one man’s quest for the simple life and a unique social experiment in complete self reliance and independence. Henry David Thoreau published Walden in 1884. Originally drafted as a series of essays describing a most significant episode in his life, it was finally released in book form with each essay taking on the form of a separate chapter. Thoreau’s parents were in financial straights, but rich intellectually and culturally. The young Henry was educated in the best of schools in their home town, Concord, Massachusetts and went on to graduate from Harvard, where he read history, philosophy, theology and literature. He commenced working as a school master in Concord but soon quit when he discovered that he was not ideologically suited to methods employed in those days which included corporal punishment. During this time, a chance meeting with the great philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson marked a turning point in his life. Deeply influenced by Emerson’s ideas and his Transcendentalism cult, Thoreau embarked on the Walden experiment. The Transcendentalism movement was an amalgam of Buddhism, German and English Romanticism, Hindu teachings, Confucianism and placed great emphasis on emotional wellbeing, self reliance and personal truths rather than social norms. It rejected society’s dominance over the individual. Walden Pond was located in a property owned by Emerson. Here, Thoreau built a cabin and proceeded to live a completely self sufficient life, gathering his own food and preparing it, sleeping and reading and appreciating nature as the whim took him. He meticulously recorded every experience and this forms the body of work known as Walden. The book received a lukewarm reception when it first appeared, but went on to gather cult status with the advent of the Flower Power generation, the anti-establishment movements against the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights movement. The concepts of individual freedom and individual choice became ingrained in the American psyche as a new generation of Americans re-discovered Walden. Walden’s main appeal lies in its exploration of themes like solitude, economy, the simple life and the Higher Laws that he describes which relate to man’s relationship to nature. Thoreau’s style is attractive and easy, full of nuggets of folksy wisdom. Modern proponents of simplifying life, those who oppose our over reliance on technology and advocates of inner spiritual awakening are sure to find Walden a valuable and rewarding read.

Colgate Oral Health Month

  • Publisher: Create Podcasts
  • Total Episodes: 2

This month sees the eighth annual Colgate Oral Health Month. With the focus firmly on prevention, today we’ll be asking how effective prevention can be, and looking at how the dental care message has evolved. Joining Jeni Barnet to discuss some of the issues is: Roger Matthews, Chief Dental Officer at Denplan; Anousheh Alavi, Colgate Scientific Affairs Manager UK & Ireland; and the Department of Health’s Chief Dental Officer, Barry Cockcroft – the Government’s most senior dental advisor for England and the professional head of dental staff in England.

Hive Business of dentistry

  • Publisher: Hive Business
  • Total Episodes: 2

We discuss all areas that impact dental businesses in the UK.

Make it Happen with Dr Smita Mehra

  • Publisher: Smita Mehra
  • Total Episodes: 6

Dr Smita Mehra has owned and run dental practices across the UK for over 10 years. This podcast is her way of telling you how she did it.

The Creative Composite – Dental Marketing

  • Publisher: The Creative Composite
  • Total Episodes: 19

The Creative Composite is an innovative Digital Dental Marketing agency based in Manchester, UK, ran by experienced dental professionals. We believe that all dental professionals should have a sound understanding of business and marketing to help them excel in their careers, business life and personal life so we are on a mission to educate, inspire and motivate.

The Probe Dental Podcast

  • Publisher: The Probe
  • Total Episodes: 26

The official podcast from The Probe – the UK’s longest running and leading independent magazine for all members of the dental team and home of the Dental Awards. The Probe Dental Podcast features discussions that explore all areas of the British dental sector. Guests join us from all corners of the industry to provide their own unique perspectives on a wide range of topics, from manufacturers and figureheads of various dental organisations, to those in the trenches working in practice, and more.

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