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3 British Companies Eager to Encourage an Environmentally Friendly World

A few generations ago, we believed that the world had infinite recourses.

However, we now know that this isn’t the case. Being sustainable, finding sources of renewable energy, and slowing the progress of global warming have become an urgent mission.

But it can be hard to know where to start – we’ve grown comfortable in our way of life, but there are some businesses out there who have made it their mission to find the environmentally friendly niche in the market.

It’s becoming a much more popular way to live, and these three British businesses are actively work to promote and produce environmentally friendly solutions – take a look!

1) Oxford PV

Solar technology is one of the best ways that we can move forwards with clean energy, and Oxford PV are the leading name in the field of perovskite solar cells.

Solar panels are a great resource to tap into. However, they’re not the most affordable solution for everyone. Oxford PV recognise this and have made it their mission to ensure that solar energy is more affordable for everyone.

Founded in Oxford in 2010, Oxford PV are not only seeking to provide clean energy solutions but are committed to operating sustainably and working ethically in the process too. They are eager to make solar energy more efficient and accelerate a transition to a world that is completely powered by clean energy.

2) Smart Storm

Monitoring water pollution is the first step to controlling it, and Smart Storm are leaders in the field of water pollution, prevention, and control.

Smart Storm cover three areas – fat, oils, and grease remediation; water monitoring instrumentation; and wastewater solutions – that when combined, seeks to vastly improve the environment around us.

Their technologies and innovations cover the removal of fats, oils, and grease from wastewater tanks; wastewater sampling and water quality measurement; and a consultative and analytical approach to pairing people with the perfect wastewater solution to suit their needs.

3) Toast Ale

Food waste is a problem that fills our landfills and contributes to the pollution of our environment, and Toast Ale have found the perfect solution to do their bit to help.

They’ve realised that food production is the largest contributor to climate change, and a third of that food is wasted. That’s why they have made a commitment to lead the way to active change.

This remarkable brewery has mastered the art of food recycling, turning surplus bread into beer. By using all this discarded bread rather than barley, they use less energy, water, and land, as well as reducing their own carbon emissions.

Being environmentally friendly, achieving suitability, and reducing our carbon footprints are essential for our survival, but we can’t hope to achieve this with out the backing of industries that we rely on. Luckily, these are just three of many looking to make a difference.

What are your favourite sustainable brands? Tell us about them in the comments below!

Photo by Ashleigh Joy Photography on Unspla

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