5 Startups Shaping The Future Of Healthcare

November 28, 2022
Photo by Daniel Frank from Pexels

Innovation is essential for the progress and growth of any sector. Healthcare is no different!

It’s why business leaders lay great emphasis on the importance of entrepreneurship – or more commonly known as startups.

Startups are driven by new thoughts and ideas. They do not need to be unique to exist. Even a new way to solve an existing problem or to do something better can become a startup. 

Unfortunately, startups are often misunderstood in the healthcare sector. The majority of them are limited to the trade of goods and services.

So, while some may think that selling Lateral Flow Covid-19 tests is a good idea for a startup, in reality, startups nowadays can do much more to innovate healthcare than ever before.

Don’t believe us? Well, here are the best 5 startups shaping the future of healthcare!


Athelas is a US-based startup that focuses on bringing healthcare tools and services right to your home. Its Remote Patient Monitoring tool enables doctors and nurses to monitor the vitals of the patient remotely. 

The patient and healthcare provider doesn’t need a one-on-one interaction to check basic things like blood glucose and pressure levels. As a result, the patient can get better on-time care. This ultimately leads to a low number of hospitalizations and improved health.

Benevolent AI

Once a startup, BenevolentAI is now a global leader in artificial intelligence for the healthcare sector. It all started back in 2013 when entrepreneurs came up with the innovative idea to use the hidden knowledge in AI to develop treatments for diseases.

The idea worked and led to the transformation of a startup into a company. It has different offices in different places, and a huge staff to help the company prosper!


Founded in 2019, Kintsugi is a fast-growing startup based in California. Their app uses algorithms and big data to detect anxiety and depression within 20 seconds of speech. So, when the user speaks into the microphone, the app analyzes it to make a diagnosis.

Voice biomarkers have been a point of interest since the 1920s. So, this app is a great move towards instant diagnosis and identification of mental health issues. It offers the same accuracy as a psychiatrist and enables people who feel uncomfortable to seek help. 


Qventus is another AI-based operations management platform designed for healthcare providers and hospitals. It uses artificial intelligence and data sciences to help streamline the process. So the team always knows what to do.

Real-time analytics and situational awareness also help identify the issues quickly. This allows the team to work out solutions and improve performance.


In many areas and situations, it’s difficult to access primary care facilities. One cannot always reach out to a hospital when in need. To resolve this issue, Tytocare was introduced by Dedi Gilad in 2012.

The device guides you on what physical examinations and checkups to do after you tell the symptoms. There are tools included in the package to take detailed pictures, record temperature, and do much more with a single device.

This data is then forwarded to a reputable doctor, who offers the diagnosis. So, there’s no need to travel to a hospital or wait in queues. Healthcare is right at your home!

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