5 Ways To Expand Your Reach With PPC

November 24, 2022
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Have you ever wondered how you can get more traffic? Actually, it’s one of the most common question business owners ask themselves. However, as you might know, not all traffic is relevant. People might come to your business, but your products or services are not what they are looking for.

So, in reality, you should ask yourself how you can get more relevant traffic. The answer is quite simple. Almost every business which invests in digital marketing is leveraging the amazing benefits that come with using PPC or pay-per-click advertising.

It’s not hard to learn the basics of paid advertising; however, to achieve great results, it’s usually best to leave it to professionals from a google advertising agency. They know what they are doing, and thanks to their expertise, you can be sure to get a great return on your investment.

In this article, we will cover the five ways you can use PPC to expand your reach and get more customers.

What is PPC?

PPC, or pay-per-click marketing, is one of the advertising channels, and it’s a bit different from other forms of paid marketing. Usually, on many social platforms, you pay by the impressions or where your ad is placed. In PPC advertising, you bid a certain amount, allowing your ad to be shown to the customer and you are charged when someone clicks on the ad.

The most popular forms of pay-per-click advertising happen on search engines and their search results pages, such as Google or Bing. It allows you to promote your services or products to people who search with specific keywords.

For example, if someone types in the search bar “shop with cool jeans in London” and you own a shop that sells cool jeans in London, your ad might be shown to the potential customer depending on the average cost-per-click and your daily budget.

How can you reach more customers with PPC?

PPC or pay-per-click marketing is usually used to increase sales or generate leads if you are a service-based business. It’s usually done by targeting relevant keywords and demographics to drive relevant traffic to your website from the ads displayed on the search engines such as Google. Nonetheless, pay-per-click doesn’t have to be always be about increasing your sales. If done right, it can also be used to grow brand awareness or brand recognition.

Brand awareness

If you want to improve your brand awareness, PPC can help you achieve this. It will make your brand more recognizable, which can result in increased revenue. The reason is that some of your potential customers might not know that your business exists. However, if you use brand awareness as your PPC objective, those people will now know about you and consider your products or services the next time they look for them.


Maybe people already know about your business and are now in the consideration stage of their customer journey. Usually, they are looking for something that would justify their purchase. It can be anything, such as reviews, use cases or great discounts. With pay-per-click advertising, you can effectively target those people by showing them a Youtube ad which mentions your product’s or service’s benefits. You can also offer them a discount.

Grow sales

With pay-per-click ads, you direct traffic to your website. Most often, this leads to increased conversions that amount to more sales at the end. The huge benefit of advertising on search engines is that they help you reach people interested in your business’s products or services.


Many business owners who don’t have experience using paid ads think their sole purpose is to attract new customers. However, there are many possibilities with this form of advertising, and one of them is to improve customer retention.

Maybe your previous customers have forgotten about your products or services due to their busy lifestyles. In that case, you can use their data to create a remarketing campaign to make them remember you. You can also create special discounts for them, which will boost your sales.

Brand loyalty

Maybe you never thought about it, but those tactics mentioned above contribute to brand loyalty. For example, you focused on growing your brand awareness, so people will consider you when making their next purchase. Next, by using relevant keywords, you can show your ads to the audience searching for that particular product or service. Because they already know about your business, there is a high chance that they will click on the ad and visit your website.

Those who are interested will make the purchase, and those who didn’t can be retargeted with a different campaign that will offer them a great deal with a discount. This tactic will allow you to not only get more sales but also establish your business as the go-to place. If you maintain great customer service, those people will start to recommend your brand to their friends and family over time.

As you can see, PPC advertising is not only about getting more sales. You can use it to grow brand awareness and loyalty or retarget previous customers. If everything is done well, then, in the end, those people can turn into loyal brand fans who will do word-of-mouth marketing for you.

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