What Are The Types Of PPC Advertising?

April 17, 2023
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Is PPC Advertising Good For My Business?

Did you know that in 2022 Google ads revenue was equal to 224.47 billion U.S. dollars? You may not find a business not using Google ads to reach its target audience. The best way to find yourself amongst the best brands is to get in touch with a PPC agency in London.

PPC advertising covers Google Ads, Bing Ads, Amazon ads and a few more. Donโ€™t get confused that PPC stands not only for Google Ads. You do not need to worry about all types of PPC advertising. However, if you are still curious, keep reading as we will discuss the types of PPC advertising.

5 Types Of PPC Advertising

Google Ads

It’s the most common and well-known type of ad. This is the ad type that most advertisers bign with in order to strat experimenting with PPC. Advertisers select the terms they want to have their adverts appear for. They then choose the highest price they are ready to pay if their ad is clicked on and tell Google Ads what ad copy they want to appear when a user searches for their keyword.

Everyone has seen a sponsored ad at the top of their Google search at least once in their life. These advertisements will be marked with “ad” to denote paid content.

Bing, an internet search engine, held 8.85 % of the global search market as of January 2023, while Google, the industry leader, with a share of about 84.69 %.

Display Ads

Display Ads is another type of paid advertising. In contrast to PPC search advertising, display advertising allows your ad to show up in front of users actively looking for your product or service. Those who have indicated a potential interest in your product or service are exposed to the advertiser’s ads through display advertising.

As a result, PPC search advertising typically has a higher conversion rate than display advertising. Yet, click costs for display advertising are frequently substantially cheaper than those for PPC search advertising.

Remarketing Ads

You may already be familiar with the term remarketing, which means we are targeting customers already familiar with our brand. There are a lot of retargeting audiences, such as website visitors and people who visited specific pages or viewed particular products, added products to the cart, etc.

Remarketing is a remarkably successful PPC strategy because the user has already expressed interest in your company. It is frequently used to re-engage close-to-converting customers in the sales process or to upsell or cross-sell more products to your current customer base.

Video Ads

In the US, there are 244.4 million digital video viewers. Consumers desire more brand-produced internet videos, according to 91% of customers.

One of the more popular PPC campaign formats is this one. You must design an advertisement that engages and captures your audience’s attention if you want to benefit from this PPC ad kind. You have an excellent chance to connect with people where they’re likely to seek material on YouTube, one of the most popular channels for video advertising.

Shopping Ads

Another paid advertising channel your company may use to attract customers is Google Shopping ads. Above the primary Google search results, these advertisements appear in a carousel arrangement. Thanks to this, users may view the products and prices before visiting a website.

The Internet has a “window-shopping” aspect thanks to Google shopping advertisements. Users can browse identical products from many manufacturers.

Shopping ads are becoming increasingly popular, with almost 85% of all clicks coming from them.

There are more types of PPC advertising. We have covered five types of the most used PPC ads. If you want to learn more and adopt best practices, contact a PPC Advertising agency.

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