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Are Volatility And Fluctuations Good Friends Of Cryptocurrencies: A Small Analysis

Volatility and Cryptocurrency; these two words are so much interrelated that we can consider them as one. But we do not because both have different meanings.

If someone asks,

“Why does the value price of Cryptocurrencies fluctuate so much?”

Without thinking twice, you can give all the blame to their volatile nature. It is the most prominent and absolute nature of Cryptocurrency.  

But the actual question is,

“Does this nature work in favor of the Crypto market or against it?” 

For the answer, you need to read the full article. First, let’s get a piece of full detailed information about Cryptocurrency Volatility. 

What Is Cryptocurrency Volatility?

It is speculation on which the whole Cryptocurrency market thrives. Investors usually bet whether the price will go down and profit. It is the key to earning profits or losses. These types of speculative bets result in a sudden influx of money, or you also can say a sudden outgo. 

The main strategy relies on whether you can predict the nature of Cryptocurrency, whether in the next few months or in a year, it will experience an inclined or a declined graph.  As per most investors, volatility is the essence of the Crypto market. 

All You Need To Know

Behind the volatile nature of Cryptocurrencies, it is the investors who play a crucial role. 


Here we will discuss it with an example. 

Suppose you are willing to buy Bitcoin or any other Crypto coins, as the number of Bitcoins is related in the market, it automatically creates a scarcity. And here, we all know that scarcity increases the price. 

The whole Crypto bubble exists with a belief. When more investors invest in Crypto assets due to the high demand, the investors who sell Bitcoin increase the price. 

Or, if we view from the mining point of view, when more people are attempting to mine Crypto coins, the mathematical calculations also become tougher. So, the miners want to get paid more. Usually, a certain percentage of the newly mined Cryptocoin is paid to them. 

Now, isn’t it obvious that the price will rise? 

On the contrary, when fewer investors are investing in Crypto, the price falls. As we can see, the relation between the number of investors is directly proportional to the price of Cryptocurrency. 

Are Volatility And Fluctuations Good Friends Of Cryptocurrencies? 

Now you know how the volatility and the fluctuations of the Crypto market works, or rather take place. But after everything, the question remains; whether the volatility and fluctuations are helping to enhance the overall growth of the market or against the growth. 


Every type of investment opportunity comes with potential risks. Whether it is the Crypto investment or any other kind of traditional stocks or share investments, each one has its own type of risk. 

At the same time, it is the risk that also comes with more improved opportunities. You can say the type of investment, which has the most risk, also has the most opportunities of getting higher returns. 

The scenario is also the same for the Crypto market. The volatile nature of Crypto Coins is actually offering you and other investors the opportunity to earn higher returns in a short period of time. If you also want to ear high rate, trade on bitcoin evolution.


If the volatile nature is working as the catalyst for Crypto investors, it should be a friend of Cryptocurrencies. 

But we can not forget that it is also the volatile fluctuations and sudden fluctuations of Crypto prices, for which a number of investors and common people fail to gather the courage to put their hard-earned money in Crypto. 

So, We Are Concluding

In Cryptocurrency investment, the game relies on the perfect timing. For utilizing your time, the best way you need to do proper planning and strategize for your investment.

Again for developing a proper plan and strategy, research is essential. If we consider the volatility, you have to compromise small things to achieve bigger success.

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