Belfast’s Software Innovators: A Glimpse into the Future of Tech

November 24, 2023


In the heart of Belfast, United Kingdom, a vibrant software industry is flourishing, driven by innovative companies that are redefining the technological landscape. From healthcare to fintech, these 15 standout companies are not just thriving locally but are also making a significant impact globally.

Eolas Medical

Website: Eolas Medical

Overview: Revolutionizing healthcare information management, Eolas Medical is dedicated to making healthcare simpler, safer, and smarter by organizing the world’s medical data.

Xpand Access

Website: Xpand Access

Overview: Specializing in building analytics and workflow tools, Xpand Access streamlines economic development programs both locally and nationally.


Website: Lightyear

Overview: As a global SaaS leader, Lightyear focuses on developing cutting-edge fintech products, driving innovation in the financial sector.


Website: SustainIQ

Overview: SustainIQ’s software tool is a game-changer in measuring and reporting social, economic, and environmental impacts, promoting sustainable practices.

Obbi Solutions

Website: Obbi Solutions

Overview: Revolutionizing compliance and risk management, Obbi Solutions offers a cloud-based platform for automating traditional manual processes.

Flyte Technologies

Website: Flyte Technologies

Overview: Specializing in flight planning software, Flyte Technologies is a key player for commercial drone pilots, enhancing operational efficiency.

Whitepot Studios

Website: Whitepot Studios

Overview: A dynamic games studio, Whitepot Studios excels in creating engaging games for various platforms, blending creativity and technology.

Cora Digital Industries

Website: Cora Digital Industries

Overview: Aiming to dominate the construction industry, Cora Digital Industries is building an advanced Operating System tailored for global construction needs.

Sherwood Systems

Website: Sherwood Systems

Overview: Offering a wide array of software solutions, Sherwood Systems specializes in Accounts, HR, CRM, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, and more.

The House Of Code

Website: The House Of Code

Overview: Expert in mobile app development and consulting, The House Of Code delivers personalized solutions and code audit services.

Ni App Developers

Website: Ni App Developers

Overview: From e-commerce to IoT, Ni App Developers provide a broad spectrum of mobile application development and software consulting services.

Next Move Online

Website: Next Move Online

Overview: Next Move Online, a software company with bases in Belfast & Northampton, is known for its innovative software solutions.


Website: Humain

Overview: Specializing in 3D character creation, Humain is at the forefront of developing digital humans for the gaming and entertainment industries.


Website: Elixsr

Overview: Elixsr stands out in creating unique, aesthetically pleasing products, offering both software development and design services.

IVEA labs

Website: IVEA labs

Overview: Focused on visitor insights, IVEA labs innovates in the field of visitor experience analytics, enhancing business intelligence.


These 15 companies exemplify the vibrant and diverse software industry in Belfast, each contributing uniquely to the technological advancement of their respective fields. As they continue to grow and innovate, they not only bolster Belfast’s reputation as a tech hub but also pave the way for future technological breakthroughs.

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